• 10 reasons why God, our creator, tells us to become like little children

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    Why does God want us to be like little children?

    Matthew 18:3,  Mark 9:33-37, Luke 9:46-50

    3 times the Bible emphasizes the concept Jesus pointed out. Why do you think it is THAT important?

    Yes, we are children of God, but do we have to act like children?

    Face it, most of us act like selfish little brats, not children, who are well behaved and nice to be around.

    True, children COME into this world selfish because of our sin nature, but they sure are darn cute!

    Here are 10 things I like to point out what it is that is so desirable about children and can help you to have a great relationship with God, our creator, who supposedly is the heavenly Father of His followers:

    1. As children we have no abstract concept of love: We just LIVE love!
    2. Children just FEEL emotion, not reason things out or question motives.
    3. Children can perceive when someone is ill-willed or angry and they stay away.
    4. Children can “measure” the emotional energy in the home and fit right into it.
    5. Children live in the reality of presence…. they do not plan, plot or scheme= those are in their fallen nature, but is learned behavior of comparing or manipulating.
    6. Children follow their parent’s example.
    7. Children TRUST their parents
    8. Children want to please their parents.
    9. Children love to create, which makes them identify with God, the creator.
    10. Children are powerless to change their situation and need parents to guide them.

    Let’s look at this a little closer:

    Number 1: Jesus says to love one another, meaning everybody- period! can you say you love everybody? Even the ones that have hurt you or hurt you still?

    Number 2: We are not to interpret, reason , evaluate, insinuate, judge, manipulate,…….anybody’s motivations. We just take at face value what is offered as conduct and emotions. True, we are to discern the spirit in which it is presented… if it is of God, which leads to Number 3.

    Number 3: In which SPIRIT do we walk, live and behave like? God’s good spirit or any evil spirit?

    Number 4: We mold with the mood/ spirit/ balance of the Holy Spirit presented by God, no turning, just enjoying.

    Number 5: We live and love in the presence, without plan or future consequences.

    Number 6: We follow the example Jesus gave.

    Number 7: We trust god to work out our life to our good and HIs glory.

    Number 8: We want to please God, our heavenly Father.

    Number 9: We create our day, things our entire life to make this world a better place as the extension of our heavenly Father.

    Number 10: We allow God, our heavenly father to flow through us, stepping aside in our weak self, using HIS overcoming power to live victoriously.

    I hope this inspires you to a great relationship with God, your heavenly Father and don’t ever grow up and keep loving!

    I am here to help anytime you need me. Add on if you like.

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