• 4 interesting things to know about color

    English: Blue-Green Eye

    1. Color makes people react 

    If you know your colors and how they “react” to your customers, you can  “program” their reaction in certain ways, at least give them a “nudge” to engage with your brand or product.

    2. Color is the prime factor for visual stimulation.

    Interestingly enough color (visual stimulation) is predominant in decision-making, Secondary is taste and texture (feel), thirdly convenience.

    3. Color changes people’s behavior:  

    According to an article, I read (sorry I can’t remember where, just took some notes)

    Orange,  denim blue and black gives you the most feeling

    Teal, dark blue makes you most sensible.

    Pink, light blue, rose, puts you at ease

    Red puts you on the alert and tingles your nerves.

    Yellow and green make you mellow, comfortable and relaxed.

    4. Color conveys moods.



    Conveys optimism, freshness, youthfulness, it grabs your attention, it wants you to have the IT. Relates to envy and strife, competition.


    Want to draw immediate attention? Red is the answer for you.

    Energy, increases urgency, alertness, excitement, demand attention. That is why you see it often on clearance tags, stop signs. It also is a festive color cross-cultural.


    Implies trust, security, hopefulness, truthfulness, confidence. Great color if you are a stockbroker, a bank or a business that wants people to think they are dependable.


    Is associated with wealth (money), comfort, guidance, relaxes and makes you at ease to tarry a while, since it is easy on your eyes, but also grabs attention, used effectively in street signs. Green color has to be very carefully toned because a wrong green can ruin everything. Never put 2 green tones of opposition together, like a blue-green with a yellow-green.


    Is an aggressive color, call to action, demands, dictates, orders.


    Feminine, romantic, playful, native, fun, beauty. Used to market to women and young girls, because it is inviting and simulation.


    Luxurious, spectacular, formal, revels a lavish status, spoiling the spoiled, intriguing, sensual, males prefer black


    Soothing, calm, practical, youthful,  novel, nobility or royalty, regality, mature femininity and informed, but also a little pushy when too bright and flashy


    Comfortable, relaxed, laid back, wholesome, inviting,




    Knowing this about color  can make all the difference how  your product is received by the consumer. As a designer or salesperson, you can capitalize on those facts to bring your desired results about.

    For instance:

    Paypal logo is blue, which supposed to evoke trust.

    Add to cart buttons are mostly yellow to prompt you to want to have it.  I am experimenting right now with orange. Etsy has their add to cart button in green to put customers at ease.

    Sales offers are red:  Sticks out above the rest of the merchandise.


    Think about how color could enhance your product, help your customers decide what they want.


    More interesting observations about color:


    Color facts to succeed for business


    I worked with color as an artist for a long time. If you have a question I am glad to help if I can.



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