• How to overcome evil with good.

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    In Romans 12:21 God says: Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. God will always help us and give us the right idea, how to overcome evil. God has a deep concern for all of humanity. He loves everyone equally, regardless of who they are.

    Why? He made everyone purposely for His good pleasure (Psalm 149:4). He gave all of us a choice how to live. God longs, that all of humanity comes to know Him in a personal relationship and that people live happy together with Him as Father, Master, and Friend.

    However, some people, especially religious people, are bound and determine to have things their way. Their opinions count more than God’s opinion. Those people are easy prey for the influences of the world, Satan, and the flesh. Many don’t mean to be gullible and ignorant, so we need to be careful with people. We don’t need to judge them because they are already judged by their words and actions. What we want to do is lead them to Jesus, the giver of freedom and life.

    A very popular believe in our time is: “I name it and claim it”.  God wants you to prosper and be in good health. You just “bind” Satan and go on with life. Many TV pastors can get hardly pass this belief system, instead of preaching the real, full gospel of Jesus. This is very dangerous evil because people get sucked into believing this and wonder, why God does not “work” for them. Next they disregard the truth and “claim” God is not real or God never answered prayers, even though they never really prayed (commune with God)

    I have news for you: God is in control! Not Satan and not us. Claiming and positive confessions are not backed by God’s word, hence they are temporary sensations.

    Satan is the second most powerful being in this earth our senses and feeling follow suit in power and impression.

    If you come across the evils of Satan and have not an inkling of fear, you are either walking dead or one of his friends. I am not saying the fear remains in your heart, but you are startled with being uncomfortable in your stomach area and your heart beats a little faster. At that moment, you will quickly recall the Word of Jesus, that He will never leave you or forsake you and you are at peace again.

    Don’t think for a minute you can evade Satan on your own, without the Word of God in your heart. God’s Word shows us the right thing to do in each situation. Without IT we are just guessing or being motivated by our feelings and often satanic influences make our decisions for us. How else do you think, people get hooked on drugs, kill their babies and other people. They know it is not right, but they allow their thoughts to dwell on evil. They get consumed by Satan’s fuel of hatred, murder, deception, thinking all along they are justified in their decisions. People set out to break the law because they think it is their idea and they are smart enough not to get caught or strong enough not to be hooked on drugs, pornography, medication……

    After they are found out or depend on a “fix”, they are too proud to repent. All people perish that way, being unrepented. Only by God’s grace and mercy can we repent and find our way, not by our wisdom or craftiness but by God’s grace are we save!

    You also cannot look on the outside of a person and guess, who they are, what they think. Most parents are taken in by looking at their precious children, who really are just “pretending” to be “good”, yet have all kinds of wicked thoughts. No parent thinks, when their baby is born, just so precious in their arms, they will raise a drug dealer, killer, thief or otherwise law-breaker.

    Don’t be ignorant what God’s Word has to say to you. In other words: don’t name it and claim it, making God’s word fit your wishes. If you have no substance in your walk with God, all the claiming will only lead you to disappointment because God is not obligated to do your will.

    The Bible says His will be done on earth as it is in heaven, so you will have to line up your will with His will and then it be done. You may request His will be done to a given situation and you can find support in His Word and pray in remembrance of God’s Word, but you cannot demand or orchestrate your will to be done. It will not increase faith if you believe a myth. So get in the Word to find out what God really has to say about your situation.

    How can we overcome evil the best way:

    Know our enemies and not even start to go into the suggested direction of Satan, the flesh or the world.

    God will protect you always when you are in His will. That is His promise to you in many places of the Bible.

    Here is a true story, how God protects:

    I know an elderly couple, who are very tiny people, may be 4.5′ tall. The man is a retired pastor, who has a weak heart and many health issues. One day they went to their bank and moved some of their accounts around. They were standing at the desk to the side of the counter to fill out all their deposit slips, they compared their figures and such, very much engaged in their business. Suddenly an alarm sounded very shrill. They turned around and people lay on the floor in the lobby and the tellers had horrified looks on their faces! While my friends dickered with their bank business, the bank was robbed. God totally shielded them. Protected the man’s health, because the robbery would be enough stress to have a heart attack. No sense in having a heart attack, when the excitement is over! A typical example, how God shields us from evil we could encounter daily.

    The further we move away from the original creation the more sickness and disease we will observe. Sad to say our scientist still believe we come from the monkeys and so they will never get any results in their research, that will solve the health issues of our generation. Sometimes God uses suffering to help us to get closer to Him. Good health is a resource to cherish. It is very hard to overcome bad health, especially as you get older. So you can overcome bad health by prevention. Treasure your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians 3:16. Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Don’t pollute your body with smoke, drugs, pills, poisonous colors and all kinds of stuff not meant for human consumption. 3 John1:11 says, Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God.

    God would want us to help that person to see God. We cannot be there at all times when evil goes on. But if we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, He will point out, what we can do. So follow Him.

    Another consideration: Shall we wait until something evil happen or should we prevent it? Sometimes prevention is best, but also great lessons are learned through suffering and disappointments which are caused by evil, with God’s permission. When we correct others, by trying to stop them from sinning it is not always (or I should say hardly ever) appreciated:

    Jesus rebukes people regardless of who they are: Religious leader, hypocrites, businessmen, rulers, even His disciples. Read the gospels! It seems in our “dream world”, where we live, criticism and rebuke are very “unloving”. Evidently Jesus doesn’t think so, because He really let’s them have it, so hopefully they will come to the knowledge what God thinks about their conduct BEFORE they stand in final judgment. Should we be so bold to tell the truth about the circumstances and analyze a situation in light of the Bible, we are truly loving!!!! Sinful tendencies can be detected early, by discerning the truth according to the bad examples given in the Word (all those patriarchs made a lot of mistakes  and messed up and it was recorded, so we do not have to follow their bad example). If we then pointing out to the “sinning” person, what they possibly do not see, we might prevent evil to happen.

    Will we be received with open arms? No, because the person has not seen God, else they would not go ahead to do evil. A person who is not willing to either take or give reproof is neither warm or cold and Jesus has not much use for those (Revelation 3:15 Church of Laodicea). The body of Christ/ children of God are called to be truthful and honest with each other. That will not allow Satan to get a foothold and we can prevent evil this way.

    To avoid reproof is a sign of a people pleasing heart and the truth is not in them. Any radical person in this society is taken a stand to defend their ideas, but Christians are called to “tolerate” everything? Wrong!  (Read topic on Truth: http://patternstriedandtrue.org/what-is-truth

    What are we going to say, when we stand before Jesus if we do not point out what is God’s way / the right way to live? Should  we NOT be confrontational? How can they ever see the light and happiness, if we ignore what they are doing?

    Scripture gives us  4 reasons NOT to reprove a person:

    (Prov. 9:8, 15:12): Don’t  correct the scoffer- that is futile, it will only make him bitter and more hateful.

    (Ezekiel 3:26-27 & Matthew 7:6) Ignore the rebel, who rejects any authority, it might just produce violence.

    (Titus 3:10 Ephesians 5:11) People who are self-deceived, they know the truth and don’t want to conform to God.

    (Matthew 15:14, 27:12) The proud people, who think highly of themselves, often religious people, who think with their pious living they please their god.

    Let God deal with all of those hopeless cases.

    All other you are to firmly follow the Holy Spirit by reproving what is wrong, lovingly of course. In (2 Samuel 12:1-14) is an example. Reproving is good if you use parables like Jesus did. God will give you a good parable for the situation as you pray about it. Don’t reprove anyone without having thoroughly prayed. Reprove! Especially if you dealing with a friend or a loved one, you have to live with, provided they don’t fit in the above-mentioned categories of fools. If they listen, you can prevent hardship for them. Don’t forget to treat them with respect. Especially if that person is older than you, recognize their authority (1 Timothy 5:1,2 &19). It is always good to bring Jesus by prayer into the action/situation. Hopefully, they repent.

    What about cursing? Cursing is evil. Play their game!” Ask the person, who cusses “Are you sure God will damn it?” ” Why would you want God to damn it? Don’t you want it to work?” Be humorous, innocent and incredulous!

    If someone constantly says Jesus name in vain, answer: “Yeap, He is the only one, who can change that situation.” ” Do you know Him personally?” ” Jesus is my best friend!” Always smile and be gentle. Let the Holy Spirit give you the words to say.

    Be so filled with joy, goodness, and the Holy Spirit, that it is contagious to the good and evil people around you. What I mean by that: You will repel evil, by living in God’s presence and make the good seeking people happy.

    Face it: Jesus is not comfortable to have around if you hold sin dear to your heart. Your goodness will repel evil, by living in God’s presence. Darkness shrinks from light. So if you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you are the light. If you ever witnessed to witches you can observe that. They can’t run fast enough to get away from you. It is like they have fire under their feet, when they confront a spirit filled believer.

    We can best overcome evil by humor, which is a great way, because if we tell people what to do, they resent it or don’t listen. If they do listen they often might construe our insight as critical. BUT: If we keep our joy and apply humor to a situation it is very helpful. Once I saw a slogan on a work truck: “Our driver does not carry cash. He is married” Would you think this truck driver is a primary target for thieves? No, they might just chuckle and rob someone else.

    Think like evil, in other words, what would an evil person do to get their way? Break into people’s houses! What house would he break into? A mansion or a cottage? A new house with expensive cars or a small house with an old beat up one in front of it? Always try to relate, who this evil person is and what they think. That is not hard to do since they are all alike: They are selfish, they want the most and best, they are reckless and don’t care about others. They are just like their father the devil, who comes to kill steal and destroy (John 10:10)

    When you write a letter to a wicked authority or corporations, make it a humorous letter, accurate descriptions of the problem, yet make humorous scenarios and show consequences to the problem, without being threatening. That usually has a lasting effect in their mind. Example: Quaker Oatmeal sponsored the homosexual agenda on TV: I ask them, how many “wild oats” they have to sow before they realize how harmful homosexuality is to society. Showed them there are consequences of unhealthy living connected with homosexuality, which evidently their product is promoting healthy habits. Even the healthiest homosexual customer is prone to aids and communicable diseases, no matter how much oatmeal they eat. I received a nice reply of consideration.

    Good and evil are usually opposites. Opportunity comes only once, temptations runs your door in all the time. None of us are exempt. You think “good”, but evil is stronger! It just is not in us to be good all the time. Maturity helps you to be strong if you practice and think of good rules ahead of time.

    This is example how to overcome temptation:

    Pretend you are itchy. I can’t stand to be itchy, I always have to scratch. When you are itchy you can usually think of nothing else other than to scratch. Try it, think of something good, while you are itchy-I bet you can’t. You will always think “evil”: itchy, scratch, get me out of here, stop this itch!!!! Hey, wait a minute: You suppose to think good!!! , not itchy (evil)! Fat chance.

    It will not work. You can’t think evil and good at the same time.

    Now  instead of thinking “good” and “pious”, still itching like before think neutral. Like: The coloring in a picture, the intricacy of a snowflake, a pattern of a landscape……. Pursue the thought, then come to the thought, who made this thing?: A creator. Then think of a scripture, which can be related to the neutral thought in your head. Once you remember that, there can be no more itching/evil, because where God is there can be nothing evil since He is holy/ perfect. He is Spirit and Truth. You will feel no more “ itchy” because God brought His kingdom by your thought to earth. Try it. It works!

    Another current example: I call “typing” a temptation. While I type right now, I have bursitis in my shoulders from typing all this. I focus not on typing, but on God’s marvelous insight in the problems we all have. Guess what? It does not hurt. When I stop typing it does not hurt either, because the hurt is only caused by typing. So don’t give into temptation, but look for the way out.

    Most of all it helps to overcome evil with good is, if we stay away from evil, else we are swallowed up by it. In ourselves we are not strong, especially if we think we are. Oh yeah! We are on the mountain top and problems and temptations are so small. They are nothing in comparison to the victories, we have in Jesus!! Don’t fool yourself: Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.Proverb 16:18,

    Famous last words are often spoken with regrets. If we follow the Holy Spirit, He will not lead us into temptation, because God wants us to succeed and we are more than conquerors in Jesus (Romans 8:37). If God sends us in the battle, He always prepares us to go. He will give us the faith, the means, the courage, the tools. All we have to do is follow Him. Should we step out of the umbrella of God’s will for our life, we get rained on, hopefully immediately, so we can hop right back under the umbrella of His protection.

    Now, on the other hand, if you know God leads you into evil like you are called to be a soldier or a missionary. That is perfectly save and ok because God is with you at that time: If you get harmed, there is a greater purpose to bring God’s will about. Read some of the missionary stories to see how awesome God always comes through.

    Now it gets personal: None of us has arrived yet. What if evil is in you? How about someone confronts you? When someone reproves you: take it to heart and pray about it. Keep it in your uppermost mind, what that person told you, you are doing wrong. Watch yourself throughout the next days and see if there is not some substance to the rebuke. Read your Bible and seek God on the issue. Contemplate examples of your reaction in situations you were reproved in. None of us are perfect and often we need friends to point out our sin/ hurts and shortcomings, because we are very narrow sighted, when we are close to our own problem. Have your goal to be like Jesus ever before you. Keep praying about the reprove and allow God to give you victory, even if the person who reproved you is not around any longer. We are not islands and if there really was evil in you, it will not go away by itself, so keep praying about it.


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