• Question: How to add a new skein of yarn to your work/ changing color:

    add a new skein of yarn

    Question: How best to add a new thread/skein of yarn to your work or changing color:   

    The MOST important thing to do to add a new skein of yarn or changing color is to  be sure to leave the ends long enough to weave in later. Consider to easily thread it with the tapestry needle. The best place to join a new thread is the beginning or the end of a row or round. If you see you will not have enough thread/yarn to make a row, just start a new thread at the beginning of the row. You can weave in the ends in the seam unobtrusively. That is what I would recommend for the beginner. If you want to, you can do it mid row like this: Finish an entire stitch. Yarn over with the new thread, hook through the previous row and loop off through the new thread. For single crochet it might get a little unsightly, because you do not have a yarn over. Just hook through the previous row and pull new thread through. When you fasten the yarn/ thread with the tapestry needle be sure to first go WITH the stitch flow. After that you can fasten it anywhere you like, it’s hiding the yarn/ thread end in the fabric.

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