• Are you cold? End the inner shiver!

    I have a friend, who’s father is old and cold all the time. Plus my present client was always cold. Also, my husband has issues with circulation. Here is something you have to consider (I am not a doctor, just dietitian):

    The skin is “breathing” for you. The more blood gets to the capillaries in the skin, the warmer you are.

    So it is imperative to bathe when you are old, so the pores remain unclogged. Sauna is a good to train your blood vessels, or else use a diffuser, so the skin can get the steam.

    Your calfs are an indicator of your circulatory system. If your calfs are cold (which you might not even notice, because you have super cold feet, hands and everywhere else) you could benefit from calf warmers. I made some for my client and she is so much better. Mine reach over her knees.

    Calf warmers bent

    Calf warmers

    (Sorry, my client is not available to demonstrate. These warmers got from ankle to mid-thigh and are very easy to knit or crochet. I use velcro to make them fit and stay perfectly)

    BUT also exercising your feet might pump more blood through your legs: Take your shoes off, kick up your ankles, rotate them, spread your toes etc….. move the feet anyway you can.

    Eat hot peppers or other hot stuff, which will steam up your circulatory system. I hate hot stuff, but it surely works for my husband. Eating hot stuff encourages the circulation of the digestive tract and hence everything else will speed up and generate warmth in the body.

    BUT I prefer ONE cookie, which all food gives you calories. Calories generate energy in the body, and keep your body temperature even and hence you get your circulation going. Just don’t overdo the eating, else you get a different problem( smile).

    Ginger tea is a way to stimulate your internal temperature gauge. Don’t know if it is because it is hot and stimulates the brain or if there is a different catalyst.

    Body temperature is kept better if one keeps the chest warm. So make sure your upper chest is covered by some wool scarf, regardless of fashion. Or if you are having a desperate case you can use the hand warmers, they sell for hunters and outdoor workers in the Pharmacy, crack them open and put on your chest.

    The advice I shared should also take care of cold feet and hands.

    In general, cook with coconut oil to keep your blood vessels pliable. That will enhance your circulation.

    I hope this helps. Contact me, if you have a question.