• Ball or skein? That is the question!

    Gir's giant ball of yarn

    Gir’s giant ball of yarn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    A basket of yarn

    A basket of yarn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    When we buy naturals, we usually carefully make a ball with the yarn, so we have a good flow for our project.

    However I have a very helpful cat at my house, who loves to chase the yarn ball into dust-bunny heaven and back. So to have a ball to work from is NOT a good idea. I have also tried to put it in a empty cut off coke bottle, but when the ball is first big, that is a hassle also.

    Now what I do is make a skein , where I can pull out my yarn from the inside , just like yarn companies make their skeins.

    This is what I do:

    I tuck the beginning thread in the crook of my left thumb (I am right handed)and not let go. Than I start winding the yarn all over my hand loosely, up to my wrist to my fingertips, back up to the wrist– not  tight, because you would like to get your hand back, so you can do the project. When all in around my hand i tuck the outer thread under and take my hand with the other end of the thread out. That is where I start working with.

    No tangles , no hassle an even skein.

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