• Be born again

    Approximately 70 % of the world population believes there is a god, the rest are convinced there is no god or they are not sure.

    It is really not relevant what YOU believe. It matters what the ONLY God, our creator, believes!

    Maybe you do not believe we humans were created?

    Well, how do YOU think you came into existence?  You were conceived by your parents! Right on!

    But if you think your parents were sitting around at your conception to decide on DNA and tried to match up Chromosomes, you are sadly mistaken. You are a complex human, made in the image of God and a very valuable to Him. He loves you unconditionally.

    Then if God loves you, why do you have such a messed up life?  Where is this creator God? Why is the world in such bad shape? Why all these horrible things happen?

    The answer is: Because of the fall of humanity recorded in Genesis 2.  Ever since we HAVE to live separated from HOLY, PERFECT God. Since that bad choice humanity made in history we are no longer perfect and as endresult we die. In short: SIN ( HURT) is what causes death (Romans 6:23)

    The only person that ever lived a sinless (never hurting anybody), perfect life on this earth was Jesus.

    Exactly that is why He did not have to die, but died by His own choice. Death could not keep Him dead because He never committed a single sin EVER! Jesus was the only one who could go back to perfect God and live.

    Yes, He chose to die, He did not have to!

    He did it all for a lost humanity, so we could be reconciled to God as it was before the fall!

    Same as with ONE man Adam we humans were separated from God and ever since have to live with evil, so  ONE man Jesus is able to reconcile us to God again. ( 1 Corinthians 15:21+22, Romans 5:12-21)

    Very simply: Following Jesus perfection will allow us back into God’s presence.

    In John chapter three Nicodemus, a “religious” man asked Jesus, what a person must do to be saved from God’s wrath. Jesus’ answer in verse three was, “One must be born again.” Now Jesus was not the type to run around to tell people what to do; especially not the religious people, who all thought they were so very close with God.

    To be born again means to connect our human spirit with His godly spirit. It means to agree with God, that He is rightfully in charge of your life, lay down our aspirations, dreams and wishes to follow God’s will for our lives= following Jesus example. With  spiritual birth, you will become a child of God ( John 1:12-14) and be part of His family.

    To get to know God, read your Bible. You can always compare what you read to nature, science and history. God will help you understand all things once you decided to follow Him.

    Once you decide to be born again God will be  your Heavenly Father and you are His newborn child. He does not expect anything from you, same as your mother and father did not expect you to do chores, when you just were born or walk home from the hospital. They took care of you until you grew and physically were able to do things.  God will do the same thing: Take care of you.

    He wants you get an understanding of who He is, build a relationship with Him. Not like religious people who believe they “have to do this and that to be good” or whatever their creed requires or need to do to be part of their group.

    With God, it is the same as with your earthly parents: you do not have to obey them, but it is the smart thing to do, because that gives harmony to the family and you get along better with cooperation than with rebellion. You will get rewarded, instead of punished. Same as your parents, God does not want to punish you, but if you insist on doing foolish, dangerous, rebellious stuff, you are going to get whipped eventually, though God is more patient than most earthly parents.

    Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up (James 4:10)  Go ahead and count the costs. (Luke 14:25-33) 

    Salvation ( being born again) is kind of like a marriage. You share life together without end: Jesus and you declare to hang out with each other. God knows exactly what makes you happy and He will never ask you to do anything you are not willing to do.

    Keep close tabs on your sin ( hurts) which will not go away, just because you are a child of God.  Confess immediately when you noticed you screwed up. If you have unconfessed sin in your life, you will be able to tell because the fellowship with God is broken while walking with Him day by day. Just agree with God knowing “It was wrong” and let God clean you from all unrighteousness, so you will have this incredible wonderful state of “clean and forgiven”, which makes a great new start in life

    So are you ready to follow God’s example the way Jesus lived?

    Ask Him right now to be your Lord and Master of your new life. Give your life back to Him in prayer (talking with God). Say something like this or repeat these words:

    Heavenly Father, I have been rebellious and selfish all my life, but I want to change. Would You please forgive me for hurting others and erase all the other sins that are on my account? Could You help me to make my life pleasing in Your sight? Would You please give me the power to live my life for You? I want to give You my heart and my soul. Please take me as I am and teach me Your ways. I want You to be my Savior, Lord, Master and King. In Jesus name.  Amen. (that means: so be it)

    You made a good choice!

    Born again

    Now Jesus lives inside of you and He and you together can go and conquer the world. Let Him lead you and you just follow along. Always be honest with Him, He knows more about you, than you know yourself. This is the start of a great new relationship with God and life will never be the same. Do not start to get “ambitious” again on your own.

    The Lord says: Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. (Psalm 37:4)  So tell Him how you feel, what you like and wait for Him. To delight is to be awesome happy. In my experience, He always has something better in store, than what I had in mind.

    Born again you are free: If the Son therefore shall make you free , ye shall be free indeed John 8:36; Jesus sets you free, you shall be indeed free. So let go of your hang-ups, notions and precoceptions.

    Your name is written in the Lamb’s book of life, never to be erased again. You are born again! The curse of sin and death is removed once and for all. The foundation to a successful life is laid.

    Whenever you build something, you need to have a starting point. It is called a foundation!  As you surrender, make changes in your life, let the old you die and lay the foundation for the new you—a foundation laid in Christ (Ephesians 2:20)

    Go easy—step by step. Ask Jesus what is next. He is alive and well and loves to guide you by HIS Holy Spirit.

    I think the next step He will guide you in is to find His other children, people, who believe the way He wants us to. That means a local church. Let me know if you need help with anything.

    I am here for you as a sister in Christ! 

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