• Be tolerant, you bigot!

    I hear the out cry of people: You are judging! Bigotry! Unfair!

    Is it intolerant to judge a person’s view?

    mmmh?! Let’s think about that:

    Actually the only way you can be tolerant is, if you already discerned, judged and evaluated an opinion or view point. If you don’t have an opinion/judgment/insight about anything or anybody, there would not be anything to tolerate. You would be just neutral.

    Ok, let’s all be tolerant, after all, we are called to love each other.

    Let’s first define tolerance: The ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular, the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with, accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own.

    Defiantly! After all, people have rights to choose what they want, correct?

    Let’s all be tolerant! Be open minded and accept everyone and everybody. Love everybody! Be patient with everybody and embrace everybody’s choice. Be able to have your own beliefs and act on that. Sounds good doesn’t it?!?

    Well, ask someone in jail, how their tolerant beliefs system panned out for them.

    Ask sick people which choices lead to their condition. Granted as our earth decays further many diseases come from choices of the past generations and it was NOT the person’s choice, that lead to being sick.

    Consider euthanasia, abortion, suicide, which are pretty permanent choices. Should we tolerate those choices? What if they change their minds, which is a marvelous quality of tolerance?

    Tolerance is not a virtue (=behavior showing high moral standards). Tolerance does not mean, don’t offend anyone, don’t correct anyone or discern their motives.

    Is it tolerant to let people go to hell, just because nobody told them what is awaiting them? Or is only half the Bible true, the heaven part, but not the part about judgment and hell?

    What is wrong with helping people to believe the only absolute truth, which is God, our creator’s truth?

    How about: Every view is equally valid?

    That sounds terrific!

    In other words, enlighten teachers/religions are cool? Nowadays, with technology at our fingertips, we all are “enlightened” and have to be tolerant what others come up with. It might be helpful and bring us to new realms, insights, and conclusions. May I ask you WHY would you prefer human logic, wisdom and experience over God, our creator’s, who was there before you and will be there after you are long gone?

    What about intolerance and bigotry?

    Is it intolerant of God to be truth and try to persuade others to do the lawful, beneficial and healthy way of life?

    Is it okay to be agreeable regardless of the outcome? Well, I guess it is okay to convince others as long as we don’t get too pushy? DUH!

    If we “perceive” someone’s views as incorrect, am I tolerant of accepting it and intolerant if I reject their view. In other words, I already discerned by evaluating, contemplating, perceiving their view to be false. Am I being intolerant to reject their view?  aAm I judging and act judgmental?

    On the other hand: Should I tolerate it when people do not accept MY truth? Answer: I think we should tolerate everything someone wants to believe. Really? Ok. Have it your way and see how far you get.

    Are there some things that should not be tolerated, even if someone believes them and they are their personal “truth”.

    Let me just state some reasonable views of society-statements like this you find throughout civilization and history:

    1.How about religious leaders, who are so educated over their head, that their heart cannot be in it? The false teachers of rites and rituals, who deceive people about who God really is? Who have no concern for God’s people, but like to fill their own pockets? Would it be intolerant to point out that there is a millstone (Matthew 18:6) for around their neck is waiting for them? Or is that too pushy?

    2.What about the Hitlers in our society? Are we to allow them to be entitled to their opinion and put them in power to enable them?

    3. How about unnatural behaviors as for example, homosexuality, perverted interests, eating alive meat, killing people because they oppose the truth???

    When comes the time to help them? Before or after, they are infected with HIV, conceive genetically defective children or contract and spread viruses?

    4. What if someone’s opinion/ reality/ acceptable truth is killing others with equal legitimate opinions (abortion choice, power struggle).

    5. What about political oppressors opinion? Are their opinions more relevant than the opinions of the oppressed?

    I hope you get my point, so you can stand firm for God’s truth! Or maybe you do not know God, our creator yet. I am here to help you find Him: Just email me: beatesmock@gmail.com

    So what does tolerance really mean?

    It means to respect you, even though I know you are not correct in what you believe because it does not line up with what God says. I respect you as a person, don’t condemn you, even though I know you are wrong in light of what really matters according to the Bible.

    Tolerance does not mean, never to get into a confrontation, don’t argue, don’t offend.

    Therefore, I can tolerate your beliefs, without agreeing or accepting them. Because I love people, I challenge them, try to help them to see life matters God’s way. I can tolerate people because I care for them, but for the same reason I don’t tolerate their ungodly attitudes, concepts, ideas and deeds.

    It is not intolerant to judge a person’s view. Matter of fact, the only way you can be tolerant is, if you already discerned, judged and evaluated their view compared to God. our creator’s view, who is the ultimate authority.

    If you don’t have an opinion/judgment about their view, there would not be anything to tolerate.

    Example: Let’s say I believe something and you believe something else and we both are right, that is called relativism. The idea is, that all is okay, all goes. We can all believe different things and we all are right, one happy family.

    Question: How can a relativist respond to injustice? Does the victim have the same right as the perpetrator? Example Castro, Hitler, Saddam Hussain? You figure that one out: Are they just or unjust? What rights do they have? Let’s have the same rights for all? That does not make sense!

    God’s truth never changes, so you might evaluate what you believe. I hope this helped you.

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