• Bible reading that works for me

    Seems like every New Year people will want to improve the person they are with resolutions.

    Why is that?

    I believe we all KNOW we are not perfect and need something beneficial in our lives.

    I follow Jesus and to do that I read my Bible every day at least once. For New Years many new and improved bible reading plans, reading lists and programs are published and we ALL have the best intentions to implement those noble ideas.

    BUT for me: That never worked in the long run.

    Here is what works for me:

    I made bookmarks of the latest pictures from my children and grandchildren. On top is the name of the week, except Sunday I follow the teaching of my pastor and internet pastors, I like.

    There are 6 sections in the Bible:

    Pentateuch, History, Psalms/ Proverbs, Prophets, Gospels, Epistles.

    I read every day in a different section of the Bible according to the day of the week, pray for the grandchildren on the bookmark especially that day.

    Since Proverbs has it’s one calendar by chapters (31 chapters) I read the chapter of the day, if I feel like it or have time enough.   I read as much as I like those days and will not beat myself over the head if something comes up that day and I can not read any at all. Next week I will be in the same place and start over.

    Grandchildren bookmark








    I wrote the sections of the Bible on the back, so I remember, in case one bookmark slips out, where to replace it.Back of Grandchildren bookmark

    Any Bookmark with the day of the week will do to make this system work. The pictures of my grandchildren are just special to me.regular printer paper and I laminated them at Staples for $1, but of course you can get as fancy as you want. One tip: Do not make them too large. Printed on regular printer paper and I laminated them at Staples for $1, but of course, you can get as fancy as you want.  One tip: Do not make them too large so they fall out, but tall enough that the weekdays stick out at the top of your Bible.

    This has been my Bible reading success for years and I am happy to say I live a wonderful guided life this way.

    The real issue is: WILL YOU PICK up your Bible and actually read? It would be helpful to set a specific time in the day to make sure you do your reading.

    Contact me, if you have a question.