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    http://patternstriedandtrue.org/changes/here-to-there/Beliefs (mind-set) drive behavior. Changing your beliefs will give you the victory over your behavior.

    Most people are stuck on “I can’t” and “I wouldn’t” or “Impossible! “. Is that your excuse for not trying?


    Some people are so in a rut of routine and tradition.

    Others are upset, angry or depressed.

    People, life is worth the living! Please don’t tell me: ” It is easy for YOU to say”.  I am sure you are not in half the mess I was in when God saved me. We ALL are in living in this earth.


    If we are NOT comfortable with our life or a given situation, we have 2 choices:

    Continue the way we are or making changes.


    Each of us has a comfort zone, which we are apprehensive to leave. Very few people really analyze themselves (get in touch with themselves), who they really are, what they really like. That is why we don’t KNOW what is beyond our comfort zone, since we do not recognize (envision) ourselves.

    Some of us just live, because we have so much to do.

    Other are introvert and don’t want to discover what is out there to get into, kind of like children: they don’t want to try new food, because of the way they look or smell.

    Others are not motivated. They look at their situation and say: ” What’s the use?”

    Whatever your believe system tells you: Forget it! God has a perfect solution to give you abundant life.

    I said believe system because  there is more than one factor in your believes. That is why I hate religion so much, it molds you to human made clichés and expectation, suppressing the real unique you. The governmental culture we are raised in does the same thing. However, people use those “systems” as their comfort zones and do not want to leave those cultish orders to become free. Am I suggesting to become “weird” or abnormal? No, I am suggesting you are following God, our creator, who had the REAL YOU in mind, when He created you and put you in the place you were born, in the family where you grew up.

    In every culture, humans have the tendency to reduce God, our creator, to their life style. For instance all American Christians think God is American. God is Christian.  Same think with Catholics and Muslims…….. they make God, our creator to fit the religious mold they perceive.


    Renew you mind to have the mind of Christ! 1 Corinthians 2:16

    Some changes are easy and others are a little difficult. The more difficult ones I like to address:

    Always keep in mind, you can’t change others, only yourself.

    Only ONE person can change you for the better and that is Jesus as you follow Him.

    The foundation of a successful change is when you base your changes on TRUTH. God is absolute truth according to the Bible (John 14:6 and other places). There is no sense in changing from one disastrous habit to another. You want to change for the better, which can only be accomplished when you know what is good. God’s ways are perfect.That’s what the Bible says.

    The first step is to pray and become born again. Next read the Word of God ( the manual) to know direction.

    To make difficult changes you have to be aware you need to leave your comfort zone and make a battle plan. That is best done with an encourager and accountability partner, who also can be Jesus since He watches over you every minute of the day. Or another friend, a counselor, life coach, designated partner. You have to overcome your belief system of defeat and most people are too close to the tree to see the forest. In other words, one often can’t see the entrenched habits, gestures, issues, because one has always done things certain ways. Some things seem minuscule and insignificant, but when changed really make a big impact in the overall situation of life.

    Most people WAIT to make changes  when the situation becomes unbearable or God makes the choice for us by consequences of our bad habits. I always prefer to change before I get sick, get fired, lose a friend ect., for the simple reason I like to enjoy my life and don’t like to look back in regret or hurt myself.

    So many older people I know ( that is my circle of friends, since I am old) live a life of regret, some very lonely people, who no longer have the strength to change their situation and have to live with their unfulfilled dreams. Our world emphasizes only to prepare financially for old age. Nobody tells you how horrible old age is if you don’t prepare emotionally, circumstantially.

    For effective change, you need to ask God to renew your thoughts ( mind/soul) and give you new pleasing thoughts about yourself and your environment. Use the moments that are normally aggravating, boring and routine to think about what God is up to. To find that out, you need to talk to Him, but most of all He needs to talk to you (prayer). Since God only talks through the Bible, you need one handy.

    Get out of your daily routine. It is best to change up your schedules: If you usually get up at 7 am, try getting up at 9 am or 5 am. Take your shower first, then brush your teeth. If you start your day with Coffe, try it with lemonade or something else. Purposely change you routine. Observe your old routine, just so you can change it. Don’t say that is impossible because that is not true: God’s mercy is new every morning and His faithfulness is awesome. Pray about it and see.

    Pray about if you are really serving the Lord by doing your work or just live for the weekend, for treats and vacation like so many do. It is time to find a job that is more satisfying to you and Jesus. You can live only ONE life here on earth. If you already doing the work you like, put God in the center of it and allow Him to do the work through you.

    Allow God to give you joy in your daily life. The joy of the Lord is your strength and you can do all things through Christ. As you make a plan of fulfilling things to do, you will find, soon you are in pursuit of happiness, versus staying in the situation, which is not satisfying. You also might put up a picture of the change you like to achieve. As you have that goal visually before you, it is easier to stay on target. Be mindful that this is what God has in mind for you also.

    Maybe you could take up a new hobby or expand an old one. Seek hidden talents, things you think you might like, but have never thought of trying. Look through the internet for inspiration, but always allow God to guide you. As you stay close to Him, you will have success in the shortest amount of time.

    It might help you to discover more of yourself.

    Breaking habit patterns is concentrated work, but very rewarding, since you will live the life you and God desire. It is great not to be pushed around by circumstances, feel trapped and exhausted, free of misconceptions and myths. Yes, one CAN be “on board” with God. All it takes is a little observation of self and the world around you and finding God’s perfect perspective of how He sees you. The rest is gravy!!! (sorry for my old time expression, but that encompasses all of the good life).


    Another thing about change is, that you have to recognize what forces are keeping you from change: There are internal and external forces. Both fiercely opposing your victory and success.

    The Bible says: If those forces are found out they will flee from you, provided God gets first consideration in your life ( James 4:7)

    The internal forces against your abundant life are selfishness, emotions, lack of motivation.

    The external forces are the world (it is n a downward spiral), demonic or evil, opposing circumstances.

    Again you have 2 choices: Get intimidated and quit OR evaluate and combat with a great battle plan, which will give you victory.

    Knowing God of the universe is on your side and WANTS you to succeed is a comfort and guarantees success. At least that is what the Bible says. It is up to you to believe it.

    Remember your beliefs drive your behavior. Believing the TRUTH will set you free. Be born again first and freedom will follow.

    Does it make sense to trade the temporal life you live now for the eternal? Why not have both?

    Let me know if you need help!

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