• Choices: joyful living versus floundering through life


    The world is full of conflicts and choices. One good thing is, that God has places laws into the universe by which we ALL can live and can KNOW what to expect.

    God allows us to make choices as long as we live. He tells us which choices are good and beneficial and which are disastrous in the Bible, science, history, IF we have a relationship to Him (no religion can help you). 

    As we make our choices we CAN expect consequences. Some times elements of circumstances are NOT according to calculations. Those are called trials. As we continuously seek God FIRST in all things, those trial can easily be over come, since God has the perfect solution to ALL issues of life. I can give you hundreds of examples , where human wisdom and religious devotions failed.

    One phenomenal principle/law in God’s kingdom is: You reap what you sow. If you sow good seeds you will reap benefits. If you sow corruption and hurt, that is exactly what you will get. Sometimes it complicates matters because OTHERS sow hurt on your grounds. I tell you this world is absolutely NOT fair!  But God will show you, how to uproot the bad seeds, but only if you have a relationship to HIM.

    There is no sense in combatting our “harvest” with medication, drugs or alcohol, since that only camouflages the problem. To be victorious we need to first find out the root cause of the issue and than take to God with surrender to follow HIS recommendations as He will show you in the Bible. We need to WANT to take responsibility for our action. We need to find out who we are and how do we relate: That is how we get to the bottom (root) of the issue. When we have that information, we can change accordingly.

    I prefer to ALWAYS involve God, our creator, in the issue by prayer (talking to God and wait until He talks to me mostly through the Bible). Since He is our creator, He knows EXACTLY how He made us and what makes us “tick”. There is nothing hidden from Him, that He doesn’t know already, so we have no recourse, can not blame someone else or get out of the dilemma to slide into a worse one.


    To overcome we need to understand first WHO is God. Next WHO we are. That is very basic to ANY relationship– your relationship to God is NO different.

    Now we could analyze THE OTHERS. but that is futility, because the only one we can change is ourself. God is not going to change, others might not have “the cool” to change, since they are just as human as we are, living under the weight of this world. Jesus says: “Come unto me” 157 times, because He KNOWS  HE- and only HE- has the answers and is able to carry they weight. no religion in the world can help you!!!!! Nobody, but God can deal with the hurts we all have to go through on earth. And He DID!

    Let me know, if you need help to get in touch with HIM Contact me

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