• Concerned about the destiny of the next generation?

    Are you alarmed about our society and where it will take your beloved children? As parents or grandparent, we are wishing the very best for our children  This is why I did not leave anything to chance for my children and grandchildren and you do not have to either.

    I wrote this book for my own grandchildren to be informed and live victoriously. Now I re-wrote it in “generic” form for you to do the same. Our first 2 grandchildren walking with God and are dedicated to serving Him. The 18-year-old graduated with honors from high school and the 14-year-old is very much engaged in ministry, concerned for his generation. The others are too young, but each one has a desire to do what is pleasing to God.

    As parents or even better yet grandparents, we have a unique loving relation to our child or grandchild.They will WANT to listen to YOUR wisdom, experience, and insights to life’s issues.This is not a book to read through or how to your memoirs. No, YOU actually write to your children and grandchildren a LOVE LETTER WITH WISDOM AND HOPE. I am confident your children/grandchildren too will cherish this book you will write for them personally just as much as mine do.

    This book as a TOOL to write a love letter to reach YOUR child or grandchild BEFORE the pitfalls of life occur.
    Leave it as a reference, a legacy in their hands, so your descendence will always have YOUR words in their heart and live successfully overcoming the unhealthy social behavior our new generation has adopted.

    How is this done?  Two ways to choose from:

    Just leave it like it is, just read the text, change the word “grandchild” to their OWN name.


    since the text of this book is completely editable, you can make your “personal book” in your own writing program you are familiar with.

    You do not have to be a writer.  You just copy (command-C) and paste (command-V) from the book in the writing program you ordinarily use and are familiar with. This is not plagiarism because you have MY permission to reach your child/ grandchild with the wisdom in this book.  That way you explain basic truths in a manner any 12-14-year-old, but even older can relate to and would be enticed to read. Change the text any way you like to appeal to YOUR child, add their name, add pictures…….  I am here to help if you have questions. Of course, you can add your personal experience, or how you learned your life lessons. I tried to keep this book ” generic” at all time, with a few exceptions, when I had to demonstrate a special point I left in the true story I wrote to my grandchildren.

    Here are the topics of each chapter of this book:

    Table of content:

    1. Dear Grandchild personal letter from your Your name here

    2. The first Step:  Be born again                              

    3. What is sin?

    4. New Life!

    5. What if you don’t want to believe in God

    6. Living in God’s presence

    7. Who is God? Where is God?

    8. Who are you?

    9. God’s will for your life

    10. Forgiveness

    11. Prayer

    12. Discernment

    13. How to overcome evil

    14. Worship

    15. What is heaven like

    16. What is truth

    17. The deity of Jesus and it’s importance

    18. The Blood of Jesus

    19. What is love?

    20. Marriage

    21. Conflict resolution

    22. Time management

    23. Money management

    24. The Bible

    25. Could be your own testimony or background

    It took every bit of 15 years to write and contemplate all this. Maybe together we can save the next generation from defeat?!

    This will be your book. Please add your own cover photo: I recommend a picture of you with your child or grandchild.

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