• Contribution by Cara Medus: Perfect Circle and Shaping Amigurumi

    I am happy to bring you  very helpful contributions by Cara Medus, who lives in Bristol, England, where she lives with her  3 guys. Read her biography here:



    Often we run into problems, when we want to make a perfect circle. Either our hole doesn’t close tight enough, or our circle gets kind of “octagonallish” or “squarish”.

    Now you are ready to make this terrific, perfect circle as Cara Medus suggested:


    If you want to make dolls, toys or Amigurumi,  Cara Medus wrote another great blog to help you along:

    It explained in detail to to add to stitches  to gently (gradient she calls it) make shapes like “cones”.


    Cara’s son had the idea to make a dimensional Christmas tree with the shapes as you find out in the blog. Just allow your imagination to see  all the possibilities:  Bell flowers, Bikini, Mushroom tops, hats, faces……… I can sit here all morning and let my imagination rip……..

    I am very thankful that there are so many talented people, who crochet. As we all work together we all can contribute to make this world a happy place.

    Please read the other blogs Cara wrote. She made patterns of a beautiful Amigurumi crochet manger scene, which is right up my alley. I would love to make one for each of my children’s families, since my many grandchildren will have a ball to play with those.  My imagination wheels are turning and I need to write another blog about who wonderful crochet toys are, since they will not wear out like other toys. Even though my rotten spoiled cat used my doll head for a ball and it might not be used to photograph for a crochet pattern, but it is STILL in perfect condition to make a cute, lovable doll even it is washed.

    I hope you encourage cars and leave comments on her blogs, as this will help you to create beautiful things.

    Be blessed and spread the joy of crocheting.

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