• Crave ? 10 things to help you curve your figure crocheting.

    I crave to crochet more so than to eat. LOVE to make stuff. LOVE to make people happy.

    But the fact is: I grab for the wrong “hooks” and gain weight.

    There is a difference what our body needs and what we crave:

    Healthy people are in general happier than sick ones. At least they usually have more fun doing what they like to do.

    Here is a very helpful substitution chart from


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    Here are some quick pointers how to loose weight without dieting:

    1. one is easily fixed: Have regular sleep habits. If you are not sleeping right you have hormonal issues, which want to compensate by overeating. Sleep at least 8 hours a day and preferably at the same time every day.

    2. one requires some discipline: Write down what you eat and when. Make sure there are at least 3 hours interval.

    3. Long term goal: Do NOT move into the next clothes size— period, whatever it takes!

    4. Don’t eat carbs 3 days every week: No chips, potatoes, ice-cream, bread, root vegetables, pasta. Eat just yogurt, low fat meat, beans, cottage cheese with a little fruit….

    5. Cut out EVERY sweet drink, because that makes you crave for more chewable sweets.

    6. Use smaller plates. It tricks your “wants” into smaller portions. Don’t eat inbetween meals! Determine beforehand to get only 1x seconds.

    7. Try to avoid eating out, since it is really not good for you anyway. Saves money for more yarn.

    8. Get a dog. Seriously! You HAVE to walk it, so you will have to get off your tush.

    9. NO food, snack, tidbits anywhere NEAR you when you crochet!

    10. Drink lots of water right before you eat. it fills you up,  so you eat less. Your body needs it to detox. The more water you drink the better you feel. Use the time spend in the bathroom to, pray,  meditate and relax. hahaha Makes for a wonderful life!

    Let me know what you think and if you have other cool ideas.

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