• Crochet keeps you in stitches

    This blog is going to be very short and you can thank a wonderful lady named Paula Daniele with a charming Australian accent for this.                                   

    For the last 4 month I have been collecting materials to make my own stitch guide for my customers and the ones who have bought my patterns probably noticed the explanation how to make the stitches is sometimes longer than the patterns themselves.

    As I was praying about having more time to develop an easy to follow stitch guide so EVERYBODY can learn how to crochet, God reminded me that the universe does NOT revolve what I (me) can do, but that we are a body and each one of us has different skills. We don’t NEED to do EVERYTHING, but we all NEED to have His divine direction to DO ONLY what He says. THAT takes a BIG load of responsibilities of us, in my case the tedious stitch guide.  Like always, when God reminds us of our relationships and humbles us as we following His guidance we end up being totally blessed out of our socks. So I received the blessing for all Paula Daniele’s hard work and skill to be freely available to all my valued customers also to learn crochet the BENEFICIAL and CORRECT, TIMESAVING way (note that there are many Utube videos, that are not very wise teaching you to crochet).

    Check this out:

    or this:


    Here is who Paula is. I just “met” her last night, but I already KNOW she is my favorite teacher for crochet:


    She also designs for charity like I do:


    Her tutorials are most comprehensive  for ANY beginner. You can stop the tape rewind and whatever else you need to do to get down these stitches. I also want you to note the way she “flows” the yarn. That is VERY conducive to eventually get fast. Often the experts give directions, which hinder the flow, they make extra little “winders”, extra little “quirks”  and “kincks”as they crochet. Some even hook the yarn from the opposite direction, which is taking more time that the process of crocheting needs to take.

    Little applied philosophy here:  I have found, when we learn anything the CORRECT way from the start, we are less likely to make messes, follow “bunny trails”, get side traced or end up in a ditch. So as you learn to crochet: follow good techniques, that are helpful and do not listen to all the experts, who want to SELL you a bill of goods.

    Having said that: Also realize you are an individual and we are ALLOWED to have preferences. It is perfectly ok to hold the hook a different way, to wind the yarn around your fingers a certain way to hold the tension, to choose which way you hook the thread….. My main concern is that you work your crochet in happiness and OBSERVE your OWN style as you learn, so you can see what to improve, where you have “issues” to resolve. Crochet learning is like life: there is a good way and a bumpy way to do things.

    You might also visit Paula Daniele and me on face book:




    Have a happy crocheting weekend!