• Crocheting in hot summer nights and the fresh scent of baby powder.

    I love crocheting any time of the day and night, love the feel of yarn in my hands , but when it gets hot and sticky like in the last few days with no air condition, I rather take a swim. BUT our swimming pool is dismantled, lack of use, since the children moved to their own houses.

    So I guess I will crochet, since I have soooo many ideas.

    What helps a lot, when you get hot and clammy doing it: A little baby powder to you finger tips once in a while. You will wash what you are making anyway, before you use it. The baby powder will flow the yarn nicely through your fingers.

    One thing about baby powder: Be careful with it, if you have fungal and yeast issues. Don’t know why and have no research, but some of my patients have gotten rashes and I attribute that to the baby powder, because as soon as we stopped using baby powder the rashes stopped also. Dunno what’s up with that.

    I still will not work on cumbersome afghans in the summer. Right now I design a new summer hat for cancer patients. My very wonderful blogger friend Di shared awesome scarf pattern and it just lends itself  to some cool mercerized cotton thread hat.