• Doily starching tips:

    Starched Fan Bookmark

    Starched Fan Bookmark (Photo credit: :Salihan)

    Adhesives, Starch adhesives

    Adhesives, Starch adhesives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







    As I mentioned in yesterdays blog : Doilies are very versatile.

    To use the following techniques, make sure your doily is color fast and you use stainless steel pins for pinning as you stretch your doily into form, so you will not end up with rust marks. Shape it on a padded surface, covering that first with plastic wrap or waxed paper, so it will not be ruined. I have a piece of wall board from the hardware store, which is soft enough to insert pins, flat enough to spread stuff and durable enough to reuse.


    If you like any shape, you can wet the doily again after it is stretched and drape it over a balloon, vase, bowl….. whatever shape you like.  A steel bowl you can easy unmold, but you must realize a balloon or vase will be destroyed, when you “unmold” the doily shape.

    Firmly starch a doily into any shape you want , like for an angel, a bowl, a door decoration, bookmark, vase, tissue box, bread basket, Christmas tree ornament…….:

    This is what you do: Soak your doily in full strength stiffening solution such as commercial fabric stiffener, bottled starch, draping liquid, hot or cold powdered starch all available in craft and hardware stores or may be over the internet. Hodgepodge will work.

    I am dirt cheap and use  clear drying , water soluble craft glue, like Elmer’s, which I dilute with a little water, so it will not be gloppy on the threads.

    Another way to stiffen permanently is old fashion sugar starch: Mix 1.2 cup of sugar with 1/4 cup of water in a pan and simmer it, stirring frequently, do not let it boil. It will come clear eventually. Cool off slightly and than use it. The advantage of using sugar is you will not “overdo” the starching, so no “edges” will form on the thread at all and the finished product is “pristine” to see the individual stitches better. The process is just somewhat  sticky.

    Most projects do just fine with the glue method. You always can wet the doily again and do it again. Like with all things: Practice makes perfect and the benefits or experience are awesome and everlasting!

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