Be Encouraged and Inspired


To be encouraged and inspired is very basic for ANY person, especially creative people.

People are free to choose what they believe, at least that is what the Bible says.

The good old fashioned Bible is where I get my inspiration from. It’s the place of solutions, for victorious living and to connect with God, our creator.


NO, I am not a religious nutcase and hear voices. I am following intelligent design.
You would be amazed how much God knows about your humanity, business, internet and the concerns we all have, once you find the correct places to read in the Bible.

You can easily learn what is written in the Bible and start getting good ideas right here:

Those links connect you to Bible teachers, who put their opinions aside to help you get GOD’S opinions on things. As you crochet you might as well listen and get in the KNOW.

I grew up atheist, which actually was very helpful, since I never was indoctrinated into any religion until I figured out that there really was  God who really created us. After a 3-month struggle with Him, since I was not about to give up my life and freedom for anything, I surrender and became born again. You can read here what it means to be born again:
You don’t always have to agree with a teacher or with me for that matter, but you will always HAVE to agree with God, our creator since He is not going to change.

I am here to help you any way I can. So do not hesitate to contact me. Your privacy is guaranteed.