• Why are my patterns not free of charge like everybody else’s?

    Sooooo many free patterns on the market. Why pay for a crochet pattern, when you do not have to?

    Maybe you have read my motivation for designing crochet patterns:


    When I first started  ( 2013) I read all about the “offers and freebies” you make to encourage people to get on your e-mail list for your blog, find customers and such. I did give a free pattern to people who signed up. Giving them my patterns free resulted in nothing. They never bought anything afterwards and also unsubscribed from my email list, never gave me any feedback how they liked it if they made the item…….
    I took that very personal and evaluated where I stand. Is there something wrong with my patterns? Do I not give enough value? Do I make patterns, other people do not like? What could I have done better? Should I ask them, if something is wrong? Blah Blah.

    After evaluation and prayer, I came to these conclusions:
    1. There is too much FREE Anything already on the web. People being “suckered” in by freebies, feel obligated and leave themselves open to all kinds of emails, merchants to pester them, are bombarded by “stuff”. I choose to offer value and worth for the compensation, which is good business practice.
    2. If you offer something that people want, they will pay for it and if they do not value it, they would not want it – not to buy or not free.
    3. Every workman/artist/service person is “worth” what they offer and should be compensated to honor their skill, be paid their worth, else they feel worthless like many people do.
    4. We DE-value our work for not charging anything. It is just another one of those things. No big deal that what you just spend hours and days creating and nobody has the same thing.
    5. We want to make our “fans/followers into customers and giving them something not everybody can obtain. That makes THEM feel special. We can spend our time helping people accomplish what comes easy or at least easier to us as designers. With our help, they can do this also.

    6. It is worth something  monetary if we make a pattern and save the customers time because they do not have to crochet with trial and error.

    7. I do not have a big yarn company paying me a salary. I do not peddle stuff people do not need on my website.

    8. People do not NEED my patterns, so if they WANT them, there is a nominal fee.

    9. If you finish one of my times after the purchased pattern, you can pick the next one free of charge.


    And here is the most important reason of all: Would it be reasonable and fair to any paying customers, if I give some people my patterns for free, while THEY have to pay for it?

    So much for my reminiscent about  freebees.

    Having said all this, I am glad to send you a small complementary pattern of my choice, if you do not have the money to buy.  Where you need input or advice I am here for you all the way with my life long experience. Yes, I am here to serve you and help you accomplish beautiful things in your life absolutely free of charge.

    I also value your FREELY given opinion and feedback. Should you find a mistake in my pattern. Send me a review, a revision, a picture of your finished item fashioned after my pattern  and I be glad to send you another free pattern as compensation or incentive for your hard work.

    Furthermore: I hold fundraisers for different charitable causes, even private people collect pattern money for hospital bills, personal needs.  People purchase the patterns to make things for a bazaar, craft-show, auction or civic event, which will give enough money for materials, advertisements , so nobody has any startup costs. A minimum of $3 of every pattern goes to a cause, which helps a lot of people: the crocheters AND the needy.

    That is WHY I do not offer any free patterns. Do you agree or disagree? Message me, please.

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