• Do you need prayer? God can help

    Contact me in private and I will pray with you.


    Most important is that you know God of the Bible, because He longs to talk to you one on one.

    Here is some quick courses to understand God:






    Do you love God?

    Think about how you treat the person you love most:

    You certainly will think of them, even if you do not see them.

    You will do things for them because you know they like it.

    You will make yourself available to them because you enjoy their company.

    You will want to know what the person you love thinks, feels and is all about.

    If you SAY you love God, then you would treat Him like the most important person in your life, right?

    So do you REALLY love God? or are you just afraid of Him?

    No need to be afraid of God, because He loves you, but you need to fear Him, which means  to revere, respect and obey Him.

    How can you do that, if you do not know Him and just know of Him?

    Yes, God is as real as the world He created and you can have a relationship with Him, fact that was the whole reason you were created in the first place! You are very important to God! He loves you as much as you would love your own creation.

    May He help you overcome this world of pain and sorrow.

    I am here to help you too: Contact me

    One thing will greatly help you and that is to become born again:




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