• What is God’s opinion on religion?

    No ReligionWarning: If you are content the way you live, don’t read this!!!!







    However, “Only truth makes believe true. Religion will not make things true, it just explains your beliefs. There is more to reality than meets the eye. So you need to find out what reality is instead of striving to be religious.” Mc Allister.

    To KNOW the real God, our creator, one has to start with WANTING to know God, WANTING to know how HE thinks, what is HIS purpose, how HE wants us to live, the Bible calls it ” Seeking”.

    To find God, a person has looked at nature, next  at science and then reads history and see, how it all fits together.  Actually, it is much simpler than that, but humans like to be “intellectual” in their approach.

    In seeking TRUTH we find God, who is revealed in reality and in the Bible.

    (More about truth here:http://patternstriedandtrue.org/what-is-truth)

    The Bible is TRUTH, but most people can’t read it, because they want to put God in THEIR little box of life, culture and expectations. They “interpret” the Bible according to their religion, creed or expectations how God should be, or what they expect God to be like.

    God is ONE God and HE changes NOT. So if our life is a mess, it is best WE do the changing to experience and meet God. But don’t worry, God is perfectly capable to help you with that. It will NEVER happen through any “religious” experiences, since religious visions are just wishful thinking and seldom have any of God’s power behind them.

    Religion is a means to oblige any god, who fits into our culture, concept, our daily life, our expectation—- whatever OUR hang up is.

    Ask yourself these questions:

    Why should God need me, my goodness, my deeds to help him out? He made the whole universe without me, why would He need my help? Yet, most religious people think they are indispensable with their good works, alms and upright character.

    Why would God, who evidently is pretty smart, since He can create an entire universe, want to listen to ritual prayers every day? Would people think He heard it the first time around? Wouldn’t it be  boring Him to tears to listen to one more “Lord’s prayer” from how many millions of people?

    Why bother giving a God of the universe ANYTHING, since He owns everything?

    Like for instance: “giving alms”, required by Allah and many Christians “HAVE TO” give a tithe.

    There are many of these questions I ask myself, when I was an atheist, but now God and I have a fairly decent relationship. When I give, I give because God tells me to give. If He says give it all, I will. If He says give nothing, I don’t give a dime. How do I KNOW what God says? I know God of the Bible and HE talks to me through the Bible  every day as I read it, He gives me instruction as to what to do -sometimes immediately, sometimes as we talk together driving down the road:

    Example: Thought comes to mind out of the blue: “Do you remember Abraham, Daniel, Hosea”– (whoever in the Bible) and then God explains to me through the people/story/ words of the Bible exactly what to do in any given present situation. That way I am at the right time, at the right place, doing the right thing, making the world a better place ( or stir up trouble for people’s thinking), because I am doing what God wants me to do.

    Why is it that I can relate to God so well? Because I reject religion- any religion. same as God hates religion. Jesus had real issues with the religious leader’s of His time, called the Sadducees and Pharisees, in fact they liked to kill Him, since Jesus messed up their game plan, kicked all the merchants out of the Father’s house, which gave the religious leaders quite a dent in their economy. Those were the chosen Levitical priests, who were training ordinary people in the Synagogues to prepare the way of the Lord, their Jewish Messiah. Trouble was: Hardly any religiously trained Jew recognized their very own Messiah walking down their streets. So the religious leaders did a lousy job, same as religious leaders today.

    God never intended Christianity to become a religion, since He is always concerned with your RELATIONSHIP with Him. We can have such a relationship with God only through Jesus, Savior and Mediator.

    Catholics and many other Christian denominations think they are good and pleasing God, because of all they “do” for God. Many branches of Christianity exist, because they cannot get along with each other. That is because of doctrinal issues. They are forgetting that God will lead us by His Holy Spirit as we seek Him, not by our human intellect (even dummies can know God). His will is for us to be in unity and love each other. Many religious Christians keep records on behavior or compromise the Word of God to “keep the peace” and not rock anybody’s boats of their religion. OR others want to be revolutionizing and add to the Bible.

    The truth is: Jesus is very controversial and does not compromise His purpose. Many examples are found in the Bible as you study the life of Jesus.

    Some Christians and Muslims condemn everyone, who is different from them. Critical about how people look, walk, act—whatever hang-ups they have.  They forget that Jesus is supposed to be their Master and Lord, their authority in life and HIS opinion matters, not ours. He certainly loves and goes all out for everyone, regardless who they are, because He created every ONE of the people alive. His goal for us is to follow His example and not selectively ignore people, who are “not our kind”.

    God heals everybody, not just the “Christians”, God bends over backward for us to KNOW Him, no matter what. He is no respecter of persons. We ALL are descendants of Adam, regardless how we look like: DNA proves that.

    And because we all are descendants from Adam, we all are sinners, hurting and imperfect, we cannot look at the next person and see Jesus. So let us not discriminate others no matter what religion they think is cool. Some Christians and Muslims think they can save the world and pressure others into believing. People cannot save anyone, only God can do that. God gives people the choice of being anything they want to be. But He doesn’t help you choose religion over a relationship with Him.

    Religious people generally very nice, well-meaning people, think they are “saved” and go to paradise/heaven , if they go by the “creed”  of their religion: like praying a certain way at certain times or having many “Don’ts” in their lives. Their religion is based on a code of law which needs rituals. Most things are forbidden, they have a prescribed  consequences or punishment for their conduct. It is a “blind” following the law of god  or patriarchs. These people are very sincere in surrendering their life to their god, but they are sincerely wrong. They have no idea, who God is nor have a relationship with Him, although God loves them very much.


    Here is an overview how religion missed God, our creator’s, best:


    Jehovah’s Witnesses know their Bible very well, but do not know God, because they need a slanted instruction book, supplementing the Bible to make their “theory” about God make sense. They remain in doubt of their salvation, strive to be “good” all their life. They believe this earth physically will be the place, where heaven is, although God says, He will make a new Heaven and earth for us, who follow Him. This earth will pass away (2 Peter: 3:10). Jehovah’s Witnesses are to be admired for being unwavering and out going for what they believe, but they miss the biblical point. They also do not believe in God’s plan of reconciliation through the deity of Jesus, which, according to the Bible is the only way out of this world.

    Mormons need the revelations of Joseph Smith, their oaths and holy under garments, but do not need a savior, because they are so “good” in themselves in this world, that they will be gods, when they die. They even believe in Jesus as a brother, but not as a deity, therefore missing God’s plan and intentions entirely. Mormons are very faithful with their witnessing, living righteous lives, selectively know the Bible and conducting themselves as impeccable citizens. This is also very admirable.

    Buddhists follow the teachings of a man, who deserted his wife, son and family to “find himself”. They think you have to be nice and good, even though they do not try to change anything in the world, just live a good life for their own self. At least they can find fulfillment in themselves. As they believe finding fulfillment allows you to be reincarnated, although God says there is no such thing as reincarnation (Psalms 78:39, Job 7:9). You come back into this world over and over again as something better or worse than you were the last time. I don’t quite understand, who calls the shots to determine as what you reappear. Maybe the dead Buddah?Or maybe God, our creator? But that would mean you have to acknowledge Him, which blows the whole theory of fulfillment because he would hold you accountable.

    Hindus think the same thing, except they need to fear everything and everyone, because there might be a reincarnated god or human behind every bush. If you have truthfully been considering reincarnation, you would see it as a very dumb plan. Reincarnation would not be something desirable in which to live for, because you would always come back to this fallen world as one thing or another. You would never find complete happiness, because you will have to deal with your sin repeatedly. Hindus also kill animals for blood. They show that they are religious and go to temple by making a mark on their forehead.


    To Muslims, Jesus is just one of the prophets. He did not come to be the exchanges of their sin and shortcomings. Muslims  do not want a savior. By their “rituals” and surrender their god accepts them. They have the Quran  as their guidelines to keep in line which was written by a dubious illiterate man named Mohammed, who got crazier as his life progressed. One can see it in the Hadith, a supplement to Quran. I am not positive, but It seems logic to me Mohammed, the illiterate, took the Bible and rewrote it with automatic writing (google it to get the full explanation), since the Quran is trying to portray the same loving God as the Bible, except the salvation message is omitted. Who is their god in reality? Could it be the deceiving Satan? Maybe since that is just like Satan to twist truth just a little to make it believable.

    Catholics actually have the same religion as Muslims, except their names for the creed is a little different:

    Lent/ Ramada
    Priests /Imams
    Pilgrimage Rom/ Mecca
    Catechism/ Hadith
    Saints/ Prophets
    Veil for women/ Burka for women
    Good deeds
    Earn their way to heaven/paradise
    Certain foods on certain days
    Prayer beads,
    recitals of route prayer
    No savior, since he is on the cross still and Issa never died.
    There are others similarities in Hadith and Catechism.

    Most religions believe in life after death, except the humanists or atheists; they believe in themselves, their intellect, and their education having self in mind. They say, they are not prejudiced, but do not value the life of other cultures, customs or religions.  Most follow Darwin’s teaching, same as Hitler did. They are easy to compromise their ethics and morals, if it suits their need for self-fulfillment, yet calling it the “common” good, assuming there are other people who feel the way they do. Atheists do not believe in God, our creator, any other god or the life hereafter. However, their disbelief does not make death go away, nor can they explain concepts of life or of death.

    Humanists are the most flexible religious people, because they have to keep up with the latest scientific findings or satanic inspirations. This has the effect of them changes their beliefs about themselves, their environment, their ethics and morals often.

    Jews are God’s original creation and have God’s promise to take care of them given to Abraham shortly after creation. However, at the end the only people who surrender to their Messiah Jesus will be saved.

    Here are few things that ALL religions share in common:

    1. They demean Christ’s position within the Godhead, making Him less than who He is;

    2. They make salvation dependent on works rather than grace;

    3. They downplay either the gravity of sin or the reality of hell.

    4. They HATE or at least dislike Jews, God’s chosen people.

    1. They are manipulated by fear instead of God’s love.

    As you can see, religion has no answers to a successful life. God loves all people, no matter how deceived they are. Please don’t join them, but seek the truth as God sees it:

    God has a perfect plan of redemption, wants us to succeed and we can do that by having a relationship to Him, kind of as I mentioned earlier about mine. Yours might be entirely different from mine, since God is totally in to the choice of the individual, yet He guides us through the Bible and that is His ONLY guideline, the ROCK, the measuring stick.

    However His plan is tailored for each one of us and we all are part of HIS church. A godly church unites all people in love.

    I am fortunate to attend such an assembly: http://www.ccdeltapa.com/messages

    What brings us unity is that we all are born again, all dead to selfish ambition and  serving God of the universe, our creator as revealed in the Bible. Do we agree on everything always: NO, since we are human. Yet, because we love one another, we can put our differences aside and worship God in ONE accord.

    Be blessed and if I can help you please let me know: beatesmock@gmail.com

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