• Good works to please God

    All religion requires good works to be accepted by the god those believers pursue. SOooo many people are convinced of their good deeds, their self-worth and all that they do ‘FOR” their god will find acceptance.

    God, our creator, does not need our goodness, our works, our brilliance. God say: Obedience is better than sacrifice (1 Samuel 15:22). So should we do good works to improve our self or OBEY God in what HE has to say?

    God says our righteousness is like filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6). You CAN NOT get better, self-improved, good or holy without the Holy Spirit guidance!  What God wants from you is to draw closer to HIMSELF! You draw close to God and He will be close to you (James 4:8). How? Not by works, but by obedience. What do you see Jesus do in the Bible MOST? He seeks God, communicates with God, takes time apart to listen to our Father’s will, and THEN goes out and does what God SAYS! That is EXACTLY what YOU have to do to please God, our creator:

    1. Read what God has to say in the Bible,
    2. Listen to Him in prayer, so you get the right direction as what God has in mind for YOUR life
    3. THEN do that what God shows you to do.

    Don’t do it on your own!

    God made the sacrifice FOR us, by putting all our shortcomings, all mess we made with our lives, all sin on Jesus! THAT is what ourCREATOR wants you to acknowledge, obey and recognize! HE did it NOT YOU!

    But PLEASE do not try to impress the MAKER OF THE UNIVERSE with your good deeds! He can do all you can do Himself, and frankly much better than you!

    NOW,  if HE engages you in doing something good on His behalf, then you have the elation of your life because you have the creator of the universe’  approval. Would that not be awesome to be praised by God for what we have done????

    All of us have to do what GOD wants us to do, right? After all, HE is GOD! If we do what WE want to do, we would be our own god! If we do what our religion requires and we do everything religiously, our religion would be our god. Doing what our creed, our culture requires us to do, then our “god” is flexible to whatever culture or creed we adhere to!  Even our lack of belief makes us our own “god” with our choices. Of course, God, our creator, gives us the choice of how we want to live. As for me: I want to serve God, my maker.

    I give you a few examples of what the difference between our good works and following God is, so you understand the way God, our creator, feels about your good works:

    Imagine this: When you went to school you had assignments and you got grades for your accomplishments. The teacher was “the boss” and graded according to your contents, effort, and research, correct.  Why? Because SHE /HE gave the assignment, same as God has assignments for us to give us purpose of life, to feel loved accepted and secure!

    Failed grade

    Good works are comparable with the teacher in school gave you an assignment. You researched, wrote the best paper, put all your effort into the subject, turned it in on time. The teacher acknowledges your brilliance, approves of all the work you did and gives you a F= fail. WHY? Because the subject of the assignment was on a completely different topic!


    Another example: You are a mechanic and your boss (final authority) tell you to put tires on a certain car. You take tires and put it on the car, worked hard to accomplish a perfect job, a perfect fit. it looks really good in your eyes when you are finished. The boss takes one look and he fires you. Why? Because you took all this time to work, without ever looking up what KIND of tires belong on this car to make it work properly.

    Wrong tires on carYou see, we need to search the Bible, know the Bible like a manual to live by.  The Bible says you study to show yourself approved 2 Timothy 2:15. Doing good works on your own will not get you God’s approval. Jesus says: After He is gone HE will give us power from on high to do things (Luke 24:49). So no sense in doing everything in our OWN strength and might.

    So many things we can do are good, but we with our human goodness, we often mess up God’s plan of righteousness. Religion does that all the time: Good works “feel” good to us humans. That is why we want to do them. But we can not impress God at all with our efforts. You see the difference between God works and a relationship with God, our wonderful Heavenly Father, who ACTS just like a loving father to us, who are His beloved?

    So become a beloved of the most high God and follow HIM!~

    Let me know what you think.