Have a hook out (FUN draiser)

There are 2 ways my crochet patterns can be used for the benefit of others:

$4  of every pattern sale will be donated to Doctor’s on Mission.


Dr. Ceile is very engaged to bring medical care to the underprivileged free of charge all over the world.

Here is another way these crochet patterns can help:

Have  your OWN FUNdraiser:

Have a  “hook out” with your friends, because it is more fun to crochet in a group: You can choose any beneficiary you like: Help homeless, teen moms, cancer patients  or other sick people, who have high hospital bills, the elderly, women shelters or rescue missions, churches and civic groups……

People in your circle of friends solicit crochet pattern sales  to help someone in need.

The profits ( $3 ) from the pattern sales give enough cash flow up front for the organizer (YOU can be one) to pay for advertising the event, materials, which were not donated and other expenses. Nobody has any cash outlay to make the difference in hurting people’s lives. The group members make the crochet items according to the patterns they or other’s purchased for them.

Just imagine:

If you could mobilize 10 people to crochet 10 patterns in one month…… most items do not take any longer to finish than the time it takes  to watch a movie:

What does that  mean in $ dollars $?

10 patterns purchase by your group means you get $30 cash up front to advertise your event at which each item be sold/auctioned. Each item will be sold for an average of $10 or more which adds up to $300.

If you have 30 people who each buy 1 pattern to make in your  class, church, civic group or organization to participate, you will get an up front working capital for your event of $90 in pattern sales (plenty for placing classified ads, get a banner or flyers, materials).

The group members will make 30 or more projects easily ready within a month, which will get $1000 or more for your cause. Even if you donate your creations to the rescue missions, women shelter and such, it is STILL better than just plain watch TV without crocheting.

My examples is kind of “funky”, since you can make oodles of items from one crochet pattern.  Just think: Not doing anything creative, you would have nothing, others would not be helped and you loose out on much banter and laughter.

I will help all along  with ideas how to accomplish a good sale, since I am in sales all my life.

There is NOTHING you have to loose!

Yes, it is difficult to motivate people. But you might be the one, who can make a difference in a hurting world. The advantage is you have NO initial investment, which the pattern sales do not cover.

Creativity is very fulfilling and helps a lot of people refocus their situations, at least takes their mind of things that bother them. The rewards are out of this world cool: Who knows, you and your group can help pay someones hospital bill, help a homeless person get a new start in life, provide meals or shelter for battered women……….. the sky is the limit.

May be together we can brainstorm how to make this world a better place by bringing joy to the creators and receiver of our handmade creations?

Think about it!
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Looking forward to meet you and happy creating.


everyday-knitting-party_315 free_crochet_pattern_london_ontario_canada_Group_Picture2

You can do the math yourself:


10 people buying pattern= $30 for advertising and materials

1 item sells for~ $10~ some for much more = 10 people making one item= $100, though the pattern doesn’t go bad, so they can make much more and the materials are cheaper, when you buy in bulk.

10 people make 10 items (easy to do watching TV) selling for $10= $1000.

You will see: it is a lot of fun.

Please leave your comments in the pop up or email me with your questions.

Be blessed!