• Help people, who contemplate suicide. Or are you desperate yourself?

    I wrote this  on June 24, 2012  AFTER Charles Morris’ son committed suicide. That got me thinking how many more aspiring wonderful people feel overwhelmed with life, who  could have been helped, IF we would just think ahead and clarify issues.

    May be you will be in the position one day to encounter a helplessly despaired person?   Or it might be you who is very desperate? I certainly was in that place before! When I had to faced my ugly self , thought about the value of my worthless life and came up hopeless. Sure thing, I was desperate once long ago.

    If you are happy like I am now, STILL read on, because you never know when you can help somebody overcome, help them to reason.  Things don’t “just happen”. We need to prepare to live life to the fullest.


    Are you thinking about ending it all? Contemplating if suicide is an answer?   Feeling so much despair that to go on living doesn’t feel like a good option. Just the thought of facing another day of more of the same is enough to attempt to end it all.

    End? End life? There is NO way to end life,  since we were created eternal beings.

    That you read this right now is no coincident or fluke.

    Your life can be changed, so you will have a great future. To analyze this mess you  live right now is NOT a good idea. May be necessary later, but not right now. Why? Because I care and need to tell you a little truth:   You are not doing anybody any favors by dying since nobody else can take your place in this world. There is in all human history only ONE you. Yes, God made you special and has a great plan for your life. The only way you can feel that joy of fulfillment, is to find God first, since HE is the one with the plan. Makes sense, doesn’t it.

    Please contemplate this: You have 4 opportunities while you are still alive, which you will not have after you died:

    1.Be right with God. After you are dead you cannot change your mind.

    2.Be rewarded by God. After death the rewards are all given, nothing will be added.Your account balance stays the same.

    3.Seeking God. You have to get to know Him first, since you can’t die without Him and go to heaven. When you meet Him face to face you are in love and know each other.

    4. Be God’s representative here on earth: Morally, we are called to be salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13). You can  make a difference, leave your mark, touch other people’s life.


    You can overcome  your desperate feelings by the blood of the Lamb, the Lord Jesus, because He loves you and is the only one who can set the record straight for you. You ask how? By walking TOGETHER through the valley of the shadow of death as told in Psalm 23. Remember: He has experience dying, since He did it once before and is one of the very few people, who died and was resurrected again. There is no pit deep enough for Him not to reach you. He is ready to help you and give you an awesome life. He did it for me, that is why I know. All I had to do is follow Him. I still had the freedom to choose, but when I couldn’t, because I was too messed up, He made the choice for me. As atheists I was very happy. But as I became older, I discovered life was getting tough as responsibility and hardships were setting in, since nobody is exempt or sheltered.

    God’s choice for you is JOY. I bet it has been a while since you felt pure joy and delight. Can you even remember when you felt total joyful bliss the last time?

    You WILL overcome by the word of your testimony. Yes, you do have a testimony how you got here at the brink of death. Wasn’t easy, was it? Took a few steps to get so messed up. There was nobody there to help you: You did it all by yourself.   This is your first step towards recovery: Take responsibility for your action. Yes, the other people involved also did a major part by omission and permission. However, the other people are not the ones hurting, but you are. That is why we do not need to be concern about them, since we can’t change them anyhow. You are the one, who can be victorious, since God says so and He always speaks the truth.

    God is truth and God is love. He is our creator. He made all of us. That means He knows exactly how He made you and what makes you happy.  He also knows what you are going through and by you ignoring HIM, he can not be of assistance. He says in the Bible that He has a plan for your life: A future and hope.

    Can you trust Him as your Savior? Would you like Him to save you now? That alone would make matters much easier to find His plan. You can talk to God like this: Dear Jesus, forgive me all my sins and save my soul. I know that I have messed up and need Your forgiveness. I ask You to come into my heart and be Lord and Master of my life. Take control of my life and help me to live for You. Thank You for saving me and hearing my prayer. In the name of Jesus I pray…Amen. If you prayed a prayer similar to this in earnest you now are a part of the family of God! The Bible says, “Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Romans 10:13 “He who has the Son has life, he who does not have the Son of God does not have life. These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life.” 1 John 5:12-13

    Praise God, now that you are born again. That was the first step towards recovering your life from ruin. God will give you the power from within, inner strength, to make yet another step: Just trust Him and get to know Him. If you can pull up a Bible go to Psalm 23, you know the Psalm they all say at funerals for some reason. In reality the whole Psalm is about our life and how it relates to God. Therein God says, He is your Shepherd. That testifies of a RELATIONSHIP. God desires to have a relationship with you, fact is that is the purpose why you were born to begin with: a relationship with God. If God is your shepherd and has a relationship to you that means 2 things: You are the sheep and by nature sheep don’t know very much, unless they are trained. The other  thing is that sheep take their cues from the Shepard, meaning when He moves the sheep move, when He rests sheep rest …….You get the picture.

    Next line says:”I shall not want” . That means you have no needs that the Shepard doesn’t provide for. He gives you ample supply of everything. Trust me, He does! Just follow Him, where He wants to feed you, cloth you and take care of you. Verse 2: He calls that green pastures. Lie down,  He wants you to rest in HIM. Quit pushing the way you think is best, naughty little sheep doesn’t want to walk into the fold, hey? Let Him lead you besides still waters. It will refresh you! Have you not done enough crying and made your own river?  Jesus restores your soul: That is a promise right here in this setting, friend. Restoration means healing, peace, rest. You have been through enough. Jesus is your Shepherd now, who gives you rest. He can take over from now on, because you stepped out of His way and let Him restore your soul. What healing is taking place!!!! Give your mind a rest and let Him figure things out for you. He will tell you where He wants you to go from now on, since He leadeth you in the path of righteousness. He gives you valuable guidance. His name is on the line, since now you live to glorify Him, which gives your life purpose. You see: You are NOT in this alone!

    Even if those dark shadows of death would come back again, you don’t have to fear evil, meaning the devils of your life are destroyed, because Jesus is walking with you. He will faithfully defend you, little sheep, from the wolves of life. Your Shepherd will be your awesome personal protection. His rod and staff (authority) over all things, powers and principalities will enable you to overcome, since there is no power greater than God. He takes care of your needs even in the presence of your enemies. So what, the enemies are there! You are secure and they can’t bother you anymore. His ways renew your thoughts in your head and the Holy Spirit (oil) will take over the guidance. You now are consecrated=set apart= from this decaying world. You can be so joy filled now, to overflowing, your cup runs over. That is abundance!!!!

    You can have the hope of a decent future, since goodness and mercy shall follow you wherever you go. You can’t get rid of God anymore after this. You don’t want to get rid of God, because He is sooo awesome. You walk with Him until one day you find yourself in heaven.

    If you are familiar with modern psychology and know the essence of human need: in this Psalm 23 you have all the components for a happy life with all your basic human needs met:

    Significance: God of the universe promises to you personally, HE will take care of you. Heck yes! Here people think, if they become a famous person, or do something terrific it will give their life distinction and pep. Honey, there is NOBODY as powerful and famous as God anywhere on this earth, Everybody has heard of Him. he is famous! Here He promises to help you along all your life!!!! Now that ! is something to brag about.

    Security: God gives you assurance to keep you save, as He promises to take care of you, even with enemies all around you. What danger can overcome God’s watchful eye over you? None, since He is omnipresent.

    Variety/Change: He just leads you from here to there, shows you around, from green pastures to still waters. He guides your life, if you are HIS sheep and let Him lead.

    Options/Growth: He lays out the smorgasbord before you and keeps you freely in His loving authority as you explore. You gain satisfying experiences.

    Love: God, your Shepard, loves you little sheep so much, He laid down His life on the cross for your sin and the mess you got yourself into, so you walked the in shadow of death without harm.

    Certainty: He  sacrificed Himself (the resurrection is a historical fact), so you be reconciled with God and eventually be in heaven. There is nobody, who can take that from you.

    If this has helped you so far, there is a real good chance God can keep helping you to get more help and He can completely restore you. For now watch, that you don’t start believing lies again> keep telling yourself the truth of what you just experienced. Reread it all if necessary.

    If you have a Bible, start reading it in the Gospel of John, so you understand in the short version, what happened to you, as you put God in charge of your life. You became a child of God. John 1:12. He  will take care of you as a loving Father would. There are hotlines you can call, if you are lonely or you can contact me   Read the other blogs I wrote with the themes that appeal to you until are healed by God completely. Trust me there is nothing too hard for God to handle, you are fully under His protection, He sees you right where you are right now and you are not alone. Jesus is with you. I know, you can sense His presence. I always did, when I called on His name, when I was low and He refilled my cup to overflowing with joy. Blessings to you. Smile: You are loved with an everlasting love and carried by the everlasting arms. That’s what God says in the Bible and His words are LIFE.

    Note: Use music as motivator and tell truth to you in song: play songs by Mercy Me, Third day, Philip, Craig &Dean. My personal favorite is Mandisa. Her song “Only the World” puts things in perspective for me.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3W8wJCoLReI   Motivation of Music change the moods.

    Jesus loves you! Tell your self the truth! Your problem is temporary like everything else on this earth.   Death might not be the relieve you think, because what are you going to do if you stand before Jesus? What are you going to say?

    If you contact me, I will help you to find a church in your area, which doesn’t teach Christianity, but the BIBLE, which is God’s accurate description how to live happy ever after, because there He reveals Himself.

    Much love to you!

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