• How can you recognize false Prophets.

    False ProphetsWith all the knowledge available, with all the globalization many more new ” prophets” “gurus”, “masterminds” ” matrixes” tell us all what god to follow and why we should do this or that to get nirvana, fulfillment, paradise, get a new start……..

    They make all kinds of promises and assertions about divinity. Who is right?

    Well, there is only ONE God, our creator and He is revealed in nature, history, science and speaks through the Bible. HE confirms reality.  All others are religious gods, vain imaginations, idols, created apart from God’s will……

    Actually, if you know the nature of God, which is absolute Truth and unconditional Love then is very easy to determine, who is who: God is good and everything else is imperfect, flawed or even evil. Sincere there is only GOOD and EVIL  there is only 2 sides to choose from. Everything God has in mind is good and everything else is either of a perishing world, a selfish ambition (God calls it flesh) or of the deceiver Satan.

    One can safely assess, since good has ALL in common and evil has ALL in common that   by their appearance and outcome ( God calls it fruits) you easily can tell.

    What do all religions and false prophets have in common:

    1. They denying the deity of Jesus, also deny His ultimate authority of life.
    2.  No redemption by grace: we buy, we work, we do a lot of human effort.
    3.  They have no guidance, so they equate popularity or wealth as a way of truth, like “everybody does it”. What is popular is not necessary right.
    4.  The effect of false prophets is confusion and lies are embraced.
    5.  Creation and history are irrelevant, but the here and now counts to all fake people.
    6. Their philosophy is: as long as we refuse any accountability to our creator we are “good”.

     Fateful mistakes unbelievers make:

    1.  Blaming God. Think about it: If our Creator  really fails us we are in serious trouble!
    2.  Pride, says I know better than you God
    3.  Analyzing the situation from your perspective, so therefore  limiting God.
    4. Seeking a natural solution to problems are works of the  flesh, no need to get God involved. Ignore the Bible and base and evaluate situations on your experience.
    5. Lack of patience shows we threatening God, to hurry up

    God rewards His servants- always AND so does Satan.

    What do you need for your personal enrichment? God will provide it!

    I like to just throw some thoughts out for you to tinker with:

    Learn from the disciples: They were nobodies: Simon a fisherman, so was brother Andrew, who introduced Peter to Jesus. Real enlightened after all Jesus taught them, they went back fishing when Jesus died. Peter walked on water, yet he did know where they should go, what they should do after Jesus was crucified.

    We need to realize, after death there is no chance to be saved. We receive full spiritual sight only after we are no longer in the body. That is why we will never be complete on this earth. We are born in physical body, which is under the curse of sin. When we are rid of this earthly body, we can focus more on our spirit. So it is very important to feed our soul, because we take that with us to heaven: Soul is who we are. We think very highly of ourselves, because right now that is who we are in our thoughts. People might perceive us totally different.

    Bad thoughts are not sin ( hurt us), only once we act them out in the flesh, they could become serious hurts. The Kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:21).

    Be careful who you follow!

    There are all kinds of supple ideas opposing your well being.

    Evaluate the time you spent and also the persons you follow and idolize. Glamor is on the outside only and has no essence to it.

    A seed is, information to produce and reproduce in a perfect environment (James 1:2).  Develop a meek heart+ fertile ground. You don’t want to sow bad seed, just because others do it. You will ALWAYS reap what you sow.

    God’s Word enables us to become like Jesus. It  keeps us from being deceived

    – It enables us to do God’s work.

    -Do the people you admire grow “good fruits”, in other words: are they successful in God’s eyes?

    Always be vigilant! There are no true saints alive anywhere, we all have faults and let God down.

    Best thing is to be guided by God’s peace internalized. The definition of peace is the awareness of mighty power beyond yourself, stillness of heart because of it.

    A good comparison, how to  sense the  peace of God: Your heart is like an oil drum: Is it full or empty? When it is full, how does it sound, once you bang on it? Full they don’t make a hollow sound. Full oil drum spills over when bumped. That are the fruits of the Spirit. If the oil drum is empty and get bumped, it either gets misshapen, if the bump is hard enough. In other words, we internalize the bump or just make a loud noise, which is meaningless, since there is nothing to be gotten since the drum is empty.

    If you know what God wants you to do, it is okay if people judge you, criticize you or make fun of you. You are significant enough and have no points to prove. The rewards you have, being ridiculed is out of this world.

    As a child of God: 1 Peter 3:15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear: That is why it is important to know what you believe. So witness your heart out and bear fruit! Take as many people to heaven with you as possible.

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