• How DO you live a fulfilled life?

    Overcoming the “fuzziest ideas” capturing the true you!


    Driving down the wrong road will never get to your destination! Unless you turn around living life YOUR WAY is at best to make unnecessary turns. Also, if you have NO destination/ aim you can never get there.

    How DO you live a fulfilled life????

    Are you involved in something that is not right? Can’t you hear from God? Are you not content? Have no peace?
    The only way to get a fresh start is to allow yourself to compare where you are you with the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16), in other words, renew your mind:(Romans 12:2)
    This is how you renew your mind: Ask yourself these questions about the state you are in:

    Ask yourself these questions about the state you are in:
    Is what I am involved in called sin (hurt)?
    Was it beneficial what I did? What gave you the most joy?
    Get back to the point in time were you where happiest?

    Analyze your senses and your heart:
    Is it the best-tasting thing you ever tasted?/Best thing you ever wore?/Best thing you touched, saw?
    What does freedom (riches, health,…)mean to you?
    Where does your help come from?
    What is your response to change?
    What are you proud of?
    What would you like to accomplish in life?
    What is your roughest experience?
    What keeps you from a happy life and your dreams come true?
    When did you feel complete, clean and excited?
    Who could you blame for your present state?
    What would you like to change in your life?
    What do you think is the first step to make that change?
    What do you need for your personal enrichment, that you don’t have right now?
    Since life is so short, what is your direction?
    Asking yourself these questions will clarify the purpose of your life, give you hope, peace, love and joy.

    After you take inventory, talk to God about all the issues. Some times I got so upset in my walk with God, mainly, because I was not dead to self and liked to blame others. As I matured and was quiet before God and looked back at the times I was upset, I noticed: While I was huffing and puffing, God maneuvered behind the scenes all thing I wanted, better than I could have ever ask for or thought possible. I can give you many examples of my stupidity, just ask.
    Have the confidence, that God, who began a good thing in you will complete it (Philippians 1:6) If you think, life does not treat you right- whoopee! Join the crowd, who cries “unfair”. But if you have trusted God as your deliverer, recognize you are bought with a price (1 Corinthians 6:20) and 1 Corinthians 7:23: You are not your own. You have a heavenly Father, who fixes things for you, just like your earthly father helped you, when you got in a pickle, only God can do it better.

    Do you feel unworthy of such a high calling? May I remind you Jesus did not surround Himself with scholars, dignitaries, kings or rich people! He chose stinky fishermen to be his friends and disciples. After Jesus died they went back fishing: so much for their understanding of God’s great plan for their calling.

    Would you like to know where the walk with the Lord will lead you?
    Well, first you must put all your marbles in God’s bag. Peter walked on water! He did not know where he was going OR what he should be doing? Jesus just said: ”come” and Peter went. God will give you the faith needed to accomplish His will! And yes, you will fail at that, which in turn will build more dependence on God.

    Allow to let God guide you as you over come step by step.

    Are you ready to work for the Lord? Don’t gather your tools and equipment yet! Wait for His call, because everything you do for the Lord is in vain if He did not tell you to do it. People are excessively zealous all the time to do all kinds of great things for God, but what they don’t realize is, God wants them to relax and rest in Him! He wants obedience (2 Corinthians 7:15), not sacrifices. When He tells you to do something: do it. You will know, when and what, as you are tuned into His Word. Compare His Word to the action, wait for His timing, don’t dream, imagine or improvise. You will have all you need to do God’s will. If it was not God telling you to do a certain thing, soon you will find out, because the thought will vanish, loose the passion or require further growth on your part.

    Also, God will not tell you anything to do, if you are not willing to do it. He will not provide the means to do things if you will squander recourses He provided. To step ahead of God is what Abraham did, when he had Ishmael and what a disaster that was.
    How many better things you have to do right now, that will give you and your family joy and bring peace? Check out, if you use all your gifts God gave you. God is expecting us to use them to bring happiness to others because He chose YOU for a purpose. He knows you are good at this task. It was given to you to bear fruit ( tangible goods). (Luke 6:43) and many other places.
    Also, work along side of other like minded people. (1 Corinthians 12:27) we are the body of Christ. If one part is missing, the whole thing does not work, kind of like a motor engine. The church (God’s people) is equipped perfectly to accomplish God’s will and plan and needs YOU  to do your part. One thing we all are called to do is the great commission. So go out and tell what God has done for you.




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