• I ask my wonderful friends to tell me why crochet is healthy for them

    Ever since my cancer surgery in September 2015 I feel great taking curcumin and essential oils, especially Frankincense and Myrrh against my cancer. I decided I am not one for suffering through Chemo Therapy as the doctors insisted I will have to do. In February 2016 I can tell you that I am cancer free. Truthfully, I was way to sick to crochet from June until my surgery. Everything I started I made mistakes and it got too frustrating. But now I have created 3 new patterns already. You can check them out in my Etsy shop:https://www.etsy.com/shop/Patternstriedandtrue

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    They truly changed my life. I never felt so healthy, even before my cancer.

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    I really love making things whenever I can! If I’m not knitting or crochet work I feel like I’m lost. Lol
    It also helps me out with new ideas as well!


    Crafts, creating something that was not there the day before is extremely satisfying for the healthy person, because it always lifts the human spirit, when we are imitating our creator in whatever area of our lives.

    I ask my friends, who are extremely ill to help me out with this blog on the health benefits of crochet.

    As submissions will come in I will post to add here:



    My personal story is such that I had severe arthritis and Trigger finger. I could not do much of anything with my hands, but crocheting kept my hands relaxed enough  to do may unavoidable daily tasks, like brushing my teeth, , getting gloves on  ( am in health care). I went to acupuncture to an extreme skilled lady named Diane Kain, who with her needles eradicated the pain completely. People have been telling me about acupuncture and I really had to pray about that hard, because of all the spiritual malarkey that goes with a perfectly normal manipulation of the nerves. I KNOW God is in control of my life and pain has a reason. I do not want to offend God, by mediations that are horrific and satanic.

    Anyway, nothing of the sort with acupuncture as Diane does it. She just used the meridians in the body to administer the needles to the nerve points and the pain leaves. I have had no arthritis pain or trigger finger for 3 years now. When I feel something coming on I make an appointment. Crochet totally relieves the tension in my joints.



    Arthrite rhumatoide
    Back pain

    Here is a testimony from my friend Bonita, who has severe back pain most of the time:


    I’m not sure how I can help you with this but I can try to tell you why crocheting, cross stitching and sewing help me as far as I can see.
    1.  Crocheting has a movement in it that helps keep my hands flexed and eases the pain in them.  When they are stiff, I’ve found crocheting loosens them up.
    2.  Much of fibro and my other health issues are affected by stress.  Crocheting, sewing and needlework is calming, and when others are putting stress in my life, or I am feeling frustrated about what I need to do but can’t because of my health, these activities allow me to calm myself, refocus and pray.  In fact much of my time crocheting is spent talking to God about things, or just listening to him speak to my heart.
    3.  Because my back injuries and severe arthritis, disk damage and fibro, I can’t do the things I feel are my job because I can’t stand long to be able to clean and cook, or bend down for them when I need to.  It can really play on your self worth, making you feel useless.  When I’m able to crochet a sweater for my daughter, sew a shirt for my husband, or make something special for someone else I feel I’m contributing to the family and to God in special ways, and it helps with feeling that you still have a purpose in life.
    4.  It keeps my mind off the pain, and the progression of my health issues, as it allows me to constantly refocus, and let God’s encouragement fill my soul rather than self-pity.
    5.  It keeps me from being bored as I spend much of my time in bed with a heating pad on my back.  If my hands are busy, and I’m using my mind to think up crochet patterns, learn new things and create stuff, then I’m not likely to just give up and I am able to discover ways I can be useful, that I can learn, that I can grow instead of letting the health issue get the best of me.
    6.  I don’t just sleep away the day, because I know there are things I can do and that pushes the depression that comes with illness away, and allows me to enjoy each day because my illness isn’t getting the best of me.
    7.  Often when I’m crocheting my thoughts aren’t on my pain.  I have been able to get by on less pain meds thanks to God, a heating pad, and keeping my hands and mind busy.  I tend to feel it more when I’m focused on the pain rather than other things.”


    Chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS)
    Here is another testimony from Sue active and avid blogger regardless of her circumstances:

    Here is a short bio of my CFS and how crochet helps me.

    I suffer from chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), also know as CFS & ME.  They think I contracted mine during the pregnancy with my son in 2005/06. It took quite a number of years to get my diagnosis. Every person who contracts this disability suffers their own symptoms. Below are the list of my symptoms:

    • ·        Fatigue
    • ·        Joint & muscle pain
    • ·        IBS
    • ·        Migraines
    • ·        Brain Fuzz/Fog
    • ·        Severe sweating
    • ·        Choking – I choke on my own saliva, usually when my fatigue is at its worst
    • ·        Infections – I am more susceptible to infections especially respiratory infections
    • ·        Loss of co-ordination
    • ·        Disturbed sleep – I am unable to go into a deep sleep so have to take medication to help.
    • ·        Depression
    • ·        Sore throat and swelling
    • ·        Unable to control temperature
    • ·        Unable to tolerate noise – makes the fatigue greatly increase
    • ·        Intolerance to some foods and drink
    • ·        Peripheral neuropathy – I suffer from pins and needles in both arms, hands, legs below the knee & feet.
    • ·

    As you can see I have a lot of symptoms and these are just the ones I remember.  Now how crochet helps my symptoms:

    I started crocheting because of the peripheral neuropathy. I lost the sensation (except pins and needles) in my hands for 5 days. Doctors wanted to increase my medication but, with that came the side effects. I went online and found a few places that said try knitting or crocheting.  I’m afraid me and knitting don’t mix so I decided to try crocheting.  I found an instructional video on YouTube for making a teddy bear and as they say the rest is history.  Within a couple of days the sensation returned to my hands and I wasn’t plagued by the pain. It hasn’t cured my problems but it has meant a vast reduction in my symptoms.  Some people think it’s the stimulation of the nerves with the yarn and hook that reduces the symptoms.

    That was why I started crocheting but since then I have found so many other benefits. Depression is a big factor in the disease. If you are sat in a room that you would love to clean but aren’t able to you start to feel very useless. You start feeling that you haven’t got a point in life anymore. Crocheting has changed this. I can pick a project, start and finish and feel so much achievement though-out the process. Whilst you are crocheting you are also not thinking about other things and this helps greatly with the depression.  It also helps with the pain.  Pain is always worse when you are thinking about it.  If you take your mind off it then it doesn’t seem as bad.  Don’t get me wrong the pain is still there, your focus isn’t.

    Crocheting also helps with the brain fuzz. They say the more you use the brain the more it works. Now this isn’t the case with CFS as the fatigue (even from brain power) makes it worse.  How it helps is you can perform repetitive groups of stitches and it helps you to work with your brain to hold a little more.

    There are many other ways crocheting helps me but I just wanted to show you how taking a craft can help you in so many ways.  I’m now a crochet addict and proud of it .

    I hope crochet helps you overcome some of the horrible things that you have to endure also.

    Here is a great contribution from a fellow blogger: You should check out her blog and you will be majorly blessed as I was. She is VERY talented! Be blessed!


    It has been nice to meet you on my blog and I look forward to further chats on crochet.
    As said in my blog obsessive crochet disorder, I was diagnosed with OCD in August of 2012. I had suffered from a deep vein thrombosis and needed to inject myself twice a day throughout my pregnancy. I think that a culmination of this and really crazy pregnancy hormones just pushed me that bit over the edge.

    I found it really hard to deal with because I hadn’t a clue what was going on inside my mind and I was scared because my little girl would be arriving soon and I needed to get myself sorted out.

    Anyway I got myself referred to Mental Health and a very kind lady who is still my community health nurse supported me through this very difficult time.
    She suggested that as I am a creative individual why not try a new skill or hobby. I have absolutely no patience for knitting, that is my mothers forte but I came across this Skyrim Helmet tutorial on You Tube and it was this lady doing crochet.

    Well I was absolutely addicted and could not stop from then on!

    I found that I would get so lost in my project that I had no time to think about the crazy rituals that my OCD mind creates.
    It gave me the chance to have an outlet for my creativity, anxiety and stress.

    I would recommend crochet to anyone suffering from a mental health disorder because a lot of it is about being lost in your thoughts and ruts.

    That is how crochet saved me and once I had Ellie it got so much better.
    I still have my off days, but I make sure that I always have a project on the go to keep me occupied.



    About the Book

    In the worst throes of depression I found myself sobbing on the bathroom floor, the tip of a kitchen knife pointed into my wrist. I was aching to break the flesh and bring the pain to an end. Through sheer force of will, I pried my own desperate hands open and replaced the knife with a crochet hook. Then I crocheted to save my life.

    In this book, you will get to know me through my story of depression and healing. And you will get to know other women as well. You will meet Aurore who crochets to stay in touch with reality as she deals with ongoing psychiatric hallucinations. You will meet Laurie who made a new life with crochet after years of a life filled with abuse. You will meet Tammy whose crochet helps her with the ups and downs of living with Chronic Lyme Disease. You will meet Liza who crochets through the anxiety of having temporary bouts of blindness caused by an undiagnosed health condition.

    The two dozen women whose stories are shared in this book are the women who hook to heal. We are not alone. Studies shows that crocheters are numerous; research and anecdotal evidence show that people of all ages, from all walks of life, with all types of health conditions may find healing through their hooks and yarn. Join us on our journey.”

    Please visit her blog, because there are many more helps for depression.


    Be blessed.


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