• If everyone does a little a lot will get done


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    I just got an e-mail from a lady  named Barbara G in California, capital of the homeless population.

    She writes:

    “For the last 3 years I have participated   ” Make a difference” for USA Magazine. Volunteers under take a project of their choice to help someone else out. My project is to make security blankets, child size afghans, in my spare time and so far completed 15. They are distributed to children who will, due to domestic violence, find safety and comfort with their mothers at the new shelter in our neighboring town that serves the entire county. I am hoping the afghans, which the children can hug and call their own, will comfort them during this stressful time in their small lives. Children are often uprooted on short notice and end up in these facilities with very little to call their own. I am hoping to crochet more afghan, but due to the illness and death of my father  my time was taking up caring for him. Please keep up the wonderful work you are doing  making people aware how much good can be done if we use our time  crocheting helpful items for people in need”


    Is that cool or what?? I have not even thought about children in women’s shelters.

    Here is a list where you can make a difference but it by far not complete and I appreciate your participation.:

    Homeless need slouch hats to keep the sun away, carry totes, security wallets, blankets, toothbrush, wash cloth soap bags

    Preemies, cancer victims young and old need hats to cover baldness

    Elderly in nursing homes need afghans and throws, bed socks, bed jackets

    Teen Moms need baby related stuff like blankets, toys, diaper bags, baby clothes

    Flood and disaster victims need blankets and have similar needs as the homeless


    If everyone does a little a lot will get done