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    The Trinity of God: This is a most discussed subject among religious scholars (I am not one of them, I only have a good relationship with God). It is essential to connect faith with reality. Then why is the word “trinity” not in the Bible? Because a trinity is revealed all over the place in nature.  I am a trinity and so are you: body, soul, spirit= 3 and NO, not 1+1+1=3, but 1 x1x1 =1. We were created in the image of God, who is a trinity.

    Everything God created works as trinity:

    Please look to 6 days of creation as our creator describes it in Genesis 1, you will find—- provided that you know anything about science——-everything that was created by our TRINUE creator was a trinity:

    ATOM= 1 Neutron X 1Electron X 1 Proton= 1 Trinity,

    WATER= 2 Hydrogen X 1 Oxygen-=1 Trinity ,

    EARTH ATMOSPHERE= Air X Land X Water- 1 Trinity

    Universe= Sun X Planets  X Moons- 1 Trinity

    EGG ( bird/fish)= Shell X White X Yoke= 1 Trinity

    Cell (animal/plant)=  Membrane X Nucleus X Fluid

    And as crown of God’s creation :

    HUMAN= 1 Body X 1 Soul X1 Spirit= 1 Trinity,

    in the image of God, who is  a TRINITY!!!

    How amazing is that!!!!!

    I have no time to find any more right now. But once you overcome you religious thinking, you might find God of the universe, our creator.

    A trinity has no beginning and no end. It is an attribute solely of God. A trinity goes around and around with no end (same as a circle). It is ONE trinity (Echad=ONE).

    Please keep reading and understand:  There is only ONE real God, the God of the Bible, the creator of the universe.

    Jesus upheld monotheism. When asked what is the greatest command, Jesus responded, “. . . the Lord our God, the Lord is one. And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” (Mark 12:29-30).
    Jesus taught that God is ONE, AND that Jesus is/was one with God (John 10:30) ( 1x1x1=1).

    In response, the religious leaders (even today) were ready to stone Jesus because they thought He was guilty of blasphemy. Similarly, Muslims would say a man claiming to be God would be guilty of “shirk.” However, Jesus is not a mere man claiming to be God. He is the Son (descendant) of God in human flesh (John 10:36-38). Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit= God and born of a human virgin, purest humanity available on earth.
    In Genesis 1:26, God says: let US (plural) make man in our image
    In Genesis 11:7 God says: LetUS(plural) go down

    Is God pluralistic? Not in any way! However the us indicates more than ONE. Here is the explanation of the Bible:
    We are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:26). What is that image and how can ALL humans be created in God’s image, since there are so many races and colors and origins and nationalities…….?

    Simple: The image is:

    Your BODY: The thing you see in the mirror, the thing you can touch and feel pain in, your perishable part, that dies daily under the curse of sin, hurt and failure to be perfect. The part that carries your soul and spirit with you everywhere you go as long as you are here on earth.

    Your SOUL: Your thoughts, emotions, intelligence, very tangible but not visible. The part you take to heaven with you and if you nurture it will even there glorify God.

    Your SPIRIT: The heart of your being, eternal, invisible, but you know it is there, because you can project, envision, contemplate and anticipate. Your spirit is the visible influence of another dimension, which you can experience in your soul and body sometimes.

    So all 3 are intertwined to make up your human form= you. There is only one like you: No other person has the same DNA, which uniquely makes you ONE person. ( Study DNA and you will see: all animals have the same DNA as their breed. Only humans have individual DNA).
    All three parts of you are unique and never repeated in all creation—ever! That is how great God is! You are very special to God and one of a kind. The proof of my statement in nature is your fingerprints and your DNA (Read Psalm 139 and Jeremiah 1 to understand God readymade you, knows you personal). Even if there is a person who looks similar to you, or you might have a twin, who looks a lot like you or a person has the same name as you do. That does not change the fact that you are not like any other person. God can tell you apart.
    This unique quality of every human being on the planet, disproves theories that there is no God, because if we were evolved and insignificant, the characteristics of personal DNA as mighty and peculiar as it is, would serve no purpose.

    Now there is only ONE God: Creator of the Universe: The great I AM  (the eternal one, who never changes):

    His image is:

    His BODY: God came in the form of Jesus, because only God could take away the curse of sin and death, since the curse  Adam and Eve started, which resulted to separation for humans from God was never removed and no mere human could ever remove it, since we cannot approach HOLY God with our sinful self, not even with the first syllable of our voice, or our tip toe or any other way other than by the blood of Jesus( God Himself), because a sinless, unblemished sacrifice is required for atonement for sin since the beginning of the curse.

    His SOUL: God the Father, Originator, Creator, Driving Force of the Godhead, Loving Father, Supreme Being……….

    His SPIRT: Omnipresent Comforter to God’s children (and no not all humans are God’s children ( John 1:12), though God created all of humanity), which Jesus send after His departure from earth.
    That was the easy part, any little child can understand that, but now comes the hard part: To overcome all religious misconceptions and notions?
    I know the perfect helper: the Holy Spirit!
    Yet to have access to Him, you must repent of your sin and become born again, because Jesus says: John 3:3: You MUST…… Look it up, if you like.http://patternstriedandtrue.org/be-born-again
    May God richly bless you in your search for TRUTH.
    There is only ONE truth: JESUS is the way, the TRUTH and the Life. NOBODY comes to the father but by HIM. John 14:6

    Why can there be no different god, for example, Allah of Quran?

    By the way the number 3 is the number used for divinity, divine creation, divine resurrection.
    Allah of Quran  COULD not be any god, because he is one entity. God, our creator, HAS to be a TRINITY:
    Here is the reason why:
    If something tangible exists (and it does), it had to have a cause, a creator, correct? Nothing comes from nothing, which means since there is something there IS (God calls Himself : “I AM ” Yahweh, because He is. Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End.)
    What “IS” has a physical reality = time, matter and energy. Those are all part of our physical realm. Those are 3 (trinity) parts of our physical realm with 3 ( trinity) dimensions, which is the reality (truth) we live in.

    If we ( trinity= body soul and spirit) are existing and there was a cause to exist, that I will now call God ( you can name Him anything you want, provide that name describes the same attribute, which the Allah of the Quran DOES NOT have the same attributes as we will see shortly). Why call Him God? Because God is the first cause. The first unmovable entity before anything else could have possibly existed.

    There has to be a desire or will or opinion to make this cause of creating a world. Objects don’t “cause” anything. Objects (like a rock, a ball, any object) are self containing= not causing anything: they are just a” body”, a dead unit.
    As objects relate they could possibly cause (Relation = Father), but to make objects relate to each other, there has to be the force behind it (Spirit). Hence God has to be a TRINITY. The father relates to the Body Jesus, with the action of the Holy Spirit.

    As the Quran states: Allah (god in Arbaic) is ONE! No trinity! All along I knew Allah to be impotent, since he never does anything to me, and believe me: he would if he could. So which part of god is Allah? The object (like a dumb idol?  Is he spirit? Or is Allah the relation? I would guess for most Muslims, created by MY LOVING GOD, it is the relation you all so desperately want. Yet having Allah as god you CAN NOT have any action ( since there is no spirit) nor does he have a body. All you can see is his effects on this world, since Allah of the Quran is the god of this world as Quran so rightly states.

    So before you all perish, I would URGENTLY suggest you SEEK God, our creator, and forget about your religion, because with Allah of Quran you have nothing to stand on, since he could never think up anything else than dogma and his 5 pillars. He enjoys you having and empty prayerful head, so you will not learn and think, just feed on Allah’s human logic.


    Now here is the reason, why people rather be atheist and follow Darwin’s theory or accept religion:

    The reason you don’t like the REAL God to be God is the accountability factor. It is much easier to have a religion and get feedback to human logic, than to ask God to communicate with us after we ask for a clean heart and forgiveness of sin. You MUST, MUST, MUST be born again to be able to surrender your life to the REAL God, our creator.
    Humanly it is too hard to explain God.
    But God WILL revealed Himself, if you seek Him and repent of your religious ways.
    Blessing to all my wonderful Muslim friends, who I would hate to see perish.
    By the way: I do NOT debate religion, but maybe you want to discuss FACTS among each other!

    You may wish to read my blog about born again next so you can connect and get to know your Creator.



    And please, let me know what you think.

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