• In case of an terror attack emergency

    We all live in this world of insecurity and violence and we often suffer and even perish because we do not know what to do. God says in Hosea 4:6 and many places in Proverbs that we need knowledge to overcome this world. No, going to college does not make you knowledgeable, but  with the guidance of the Holy Spirit finding the right thing to do in the right place and at the right time. Even though this world is out of bounds God is STILL in control and guides His people wanting nobody to perish ( read all that in the Bible).

    Here are some very practical solutions in case of a terror attack:

    I apologize for all the commercial stuff on that website. As you can see, I am NOT supported by advertisements and thoroughly dislike them all. Nevertheless, there is really good information in the clip.

    One correction of this video: The tip with the belt on the door can be a great lifesaver, BUT the way he showed it on the door in this clip is wrong: You should place the belt on the other side of the door hinge,  to the “fat, wide” side, not on the end of the hinge. In other words in this clip on the right side of the door, NOT on the end of the hinge.


    Something else to keep in mind which has brought me through so many “precarious” situations: keep calm and know that God, our creator, is on the side of the righteous. So start talking to HIM as you can help others in that situation. He will always give you the right idea. So don’t panic, just trust the Lord with your life. He gave you life and is not interested in shortening it, just because all this terrible stuff goes on, you see.

    Please share freely, so lives can be saved!

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