• Individuality- don’t read it, if you have hang ups

    I am amazed how many crochet fans and crochet businesses are on the internet. Such awesome talent everywhere!!!! Actually quite intimidating to start something like my business. BUT:>>>>>That is the terrific part: Nobody is alike. Hurray for individuality!

    You see: What we BELIEVE is important to do what we do. Some people want their dream (believe) to became reality, but than it turns into a nightmare.

    Our believes will become our reality. Our denials will be our pitfalls.

    As humans we operate out of convictions that are mostly learned behavior. We WANT to make our OWN reality,because we “FEEL” right about that. mmmmh. That is just not how things CAN work. Why? Because we have law that can’t be changed (example: thermodynamics, gravity), we have nature  (water, earth, sky) that is hard to manipulate and atmospheric forces ( sun, moon and stars) that we can not do a thing about. But God can and does.

    We each are unique. YOU  are unique. Exactly that is what is separating yourself from the masses.

    Art work by: Rob-Gonsalves.

    Rob Gonsalves is a Canadian painter of magic realism. His surrealistic paintings portrays two seemingly different realistic scenes magically merging into one. Enjoy. http://www.nerds.nu/het-magische-realisme-van-rob-gonsalves/?lang=en

    Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 12.35.27 PM

    Watching societies is one of my hobbies. Mine is more of a “scientific, factual”observation than a judgment call or critical evaluation, though observation needs to be evaluated and viewed with perspective.

    May be I am old fashioned, but I do not like to get ripped off, deceived and taken for a fool.

    I certainly am happy I can follow God into all truth and my goal in life is to glorify HIM. In that I am VERY unique, because most people blend in someplace.  I can’t go wrong with that, because the benefits are out of this world. I spend my day talking with God, but even if a person will only spend 10 minutes a day with God, it would revolutionize their life and bring success. You know why?

    God CREATED life.  He is the author of life and if we come to HIM, He gives us abundant life. He is the “secret” ingredient to success, gives us imagination and drive and makes our dreams come true, because He says so in the Bible and in the last 32 years has proved to me that it is true: God keeps His word. God made NO two people alike. Now THAT is individuality!!!!!

    Would it not be much SMARTER to allow the creator of those things, who has ALL things under control to be in charge of us? Is it not much easier to allow that God to run our life? I am doing just that and that is why I am very happy, content and perfectly safe wherever I go. I do not have a fear or care in the world.  Oh sure I have people in my life,  who love to make me miserable, want to hurt me ( specially religious people and REGARDLESS  I REFUSE any of their religion, Christianity, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu…..)People who are envious (my coworkers, some neighbors). But so what? That is not my problem, because I will try my very best to make them happy and if they refuse to be happy, it is THEM who have to live with themselves. If they choose to be upset, unhappy and are miserable, there is NOTHING ANYBODY can do. They are FREE to choose how to live their life. God says so.

    Making people happy, if I can is why I can be be joyful and happy regardless of the world around me, who I care much about (I am an environmentalist from way back when):

    I KNOW God has my life in His hands. I am perfectly free, because Jesus set me free. If I want to know something I ask Him and He tells me what to do through the Bible. Sometimes I do not want to hear what He has to say and I can choose to reject it, because HE sets me FREE, unlike a religion, which puts you in bondage. I hope my sharing helps you to seek God and be happy enjoying  YOUR individuality and creativity.

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