• Is there such a thing as God?

    Many people question if there is really a god and if so, who is he?

    Here are some reason WHY there has to be God.

    Reason: Nothing in this world happens unless there is a cause. In other words: If I want a cake it has to be put together and baked. If I want to  go somewhere I have to get in motion. and so on. You can think of thousands of happenings, but everything has to have a cause or a creator.

    Reason: Universal law has such an order, that it could not have happened at random. Example: Magnetism and gravity work together. Chemical elements cause a certain reaction that are measurable and predictable. Mindless chances can not be responsible for uniformity.

    Reason: Logic, law and science have exceptions that are often supernatural changed without any reason ( We who know God, understand why that is: God answers prayer and also watches over His children). Some call it paranormal. You can call it anything you want, but humans are limited with their explanations.

    Reason: Why did life started in the first place? What is the purpose of a universe apart from God? Especially humans striving all their life to gain knowledge and then they die after a few years. Why bother acquiring anything that is temporary and short-lived, ESPECIALLY if you have to work your buns off for it, study and strife?

    Reason: No human can create something from nothing. One always have to have matter to start with. Example:  I can crochet something without a long thin something. That something I can create, but I have to have some raw materials like wool, flax, cotton…. Or  I can build a boat, but I would have to have all the raw materials for it. The other thing is I can always explain HOW it works, but often there is no explanation why it works that way.

    I am sure there are more reasons, but I can’t think of any more right now. Write me, if you know more: beatesmock@gmail.com

    Now let’s look at what KIND of god there has to be:

    1. To create perfection one has to be perfect. In other words: I can be a artist and create many   beautiful things without perfection, but if I create something like an atom or a molecule there has to be an accurate design behind it, else it just would not work.

    2. One has to be organized and systematic: Matter can not organize itself. I am sure you all do not have a self-cleaning household. There also has to be foresight and long term organization, else everything will fall apart.

    3. Since there are evidently exceptions to the rules, there needs to be flexibility. So the god has to be alive and “with the program”, not some distant manager or robotic entity.

    4. There are so many people, species, varieties existing in various forms born every day. So the god can not run out of ideas.

    5. There is a timing present on this earth, that has to be steered/decided from somewhere.

    Well, guess what:

    I found that god, who does all these things.

    He is our creator: The God of the Bible!

    He can create something out of nothing.

    He can manage all He creates ( He refuses to manage humans since he insists we have absolute freedom like he does).

    He has explanations for everything.

    He is reliable like law and science.

    He knows the beginning from the end (all prophecies are accurate).

    He has a purpose for everything.

    He is perfect (holy).

    He is organized.

    He is involved, but only in the life of His children.

    He is intelligent.

    He never runs out of ideas or solutions.

    He has perfect timing.


    He wants you to be born again, so you can find out all about Him.



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