• Is your time crunch on?

    This time of the  year people drive themselves crazy not to have enough time for everything they HAVE to HAVE done immediately.
    Do I have a clip that will put your racing heart at ease:


    Empty Pickle jar









    Just think: Christmas time should be a time of special pleasures, family fun, relaxation and enjoyment of each other.

    Don’t see this gift giving stuff as a hassle or a headache! I am so glad some of us still think of making others happy by thinking hard how they can accomplish just that! So many valuable gifts cost absolutely nothing! Take care of their child, clean someone’s floor, make something out of leftovers (yarn, fabric, magazines,…..). Pass out coupons to make a meal or a cake. Invite someone to take them to the park……. Caring is a REAL gift you can’t buy at the mall.

    Wishing you a very merry advent with love joy peace and contentment enjoying all your blessings.

    If you need to calm your nerves try  a good lavender oil. Works like a charm. I can help you select.

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