• Most common mistakes made by beginners new to crochet

    One very difficult thing to master is the tension of the thread/yarn. Many teachers have different recommendations and I am certain there are as many tips as there are students. I like to emphasize to focus on what is the best flow of yarn/thread  to your hook. The better the flow of yarn is, the faster you get the piece done and the least fatigue your hands suffer. So it makes no difference if you let the yarn glide between your ring and index finger, or wrap it around your index finger, or guide it behind your work…….

    You have to check it out for yourself how best you freely flow the yarn to the hook, without crimps, tangle unnecessary winding around unaffected, inconsequential moves. If you crochet very tight, use a larger hook , so your fabric is woven correctly and soft. If you crochet “loosy goosey” use a  smaller hook, so your loops are more tighter. Check your gauge until you get a better feel for the fabric you crochet.

    Fastening off:

    Some people like to just knot the ends together. That is really not a good way to crochet, because the yarn could work against itself and the knot comes open in the wash to unravel all your hard work.

    A big problem is how long to leave the beginning and ending thread/ yarn to fasten off. Please allow a good length of about 2 inches to weave into the back side of your piece, especially if you have a lot of open spaces like in filet work or other thread work. The looser the weave the longer the thread to be woven in with a tapestry needle.

    I am lazy and therefore I work in my thread as I crochet like such:DSCF1302  DSCF1303DSCF1306DSCF1307

    Another thing I have found helpful for beginners is to use a hook that is more ” POINTY” that a regular hook.  It helps you  to find just the right spot to insert your hook.

    Which brings up the issue of split threads. Try not to ever split your yarn or thread, because you want to have a ” good, smooth finish”, which means all the fiber flow with the pattern. You will not be happy, if you have little loops stick out, or the stitch is loopy, lumpy from stray threads. It is better to go back and rip it out than to continue with split threads. You will be happier in the long run.

    Beginners want to start BIG:

    Time and again, I have found that beginners are very enthusiastic and want to start right away on an afghan or table cloth. May I suggest it is more gratifying to start on a smaller project, get it done, get a good feel for your work and THAN go for the gusto. Granny squares are a very wonderful project for beginners. They are fast to accomplish and can be made into whatever your heart desires. Edges is also an awesome gratifying project, because you can make anything pretty with an edge: towels, bibs, blankets, pillowcases, table runner, but also big things like curtains, couches, cupboards, lampshades. Anything looks better with a crochet edge.

    And with that thought  until next time

    • Beginners Series Number 2: Holding the Yarn and Hook (patternstriedandtrue.wordpress.com)