• Get to know me, Beate: My “lot in life” as overcomer

    “My lot in life!” Does this headline sound tragic?

    I DO live up to my name Beate = The happy one.


    English: Man Made in the Image of God, as in G...

    Life began in a garden. It can be beautiful like that every day. Providence Lithograph Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The most difficult thing in my life is the same difficulty everybody has: How best to overcome hurt, failure, shortcoming, imperfection. God calls that sin.We all live in this fallen world, where we constantly have to decide what is good and what is evil. Before Adam chose to disobey and test God all was always good and nobody had any trouble.

    The further we get away from the original creation the worse it gets, because time as we know it comes to an end.
    It is actually miraculous that some GOOD things ARE happening because all of us are separated from God- at least, I can’t see Him anywhere. Seems to me all we can see of God is what He created long ago.

    (Credit for the featured picture Eternal Art)

    No matter where you look is misery, heartache and despair. Very few people are overcomes. NOBODY is exempt trials, messes, imperfection.  My family is truly blessed, because all my children and their spouses know who God is, what He does and allow Him to guide them (most of the time), so our family is able to deal with the difficulties we encounter.

     How do I personally deal with difficulties?
    Head on, sit back and relax, because there is NOTHING that God and I together can’t handle. It is very awesome to be born again and to know that one is bought with a price, substituted and taken out of the world. I am no longer my own, but was purchased by God at the cross at Calvary. That fact is not a religion, but a historical event, where an exchange was made: My life for God’s life. God’s life is eternal as one can see when He walked the earth as Jesus. Jesus didn’t stay dead, but came alive again and He will take anybody with Him, whosoever will want to come.

    I came to know God in 1981 and have followed Jesus ever since, not looking back.

    I was not miserable as atheists but had fun just like I have now. God didn’t like the kind of fun I had then because it hurts me. He hates it when people hurt = that is His nature.
    What changed  for me was this: I figured out there is a REAL God. Not the kind of god people seem to worship on Sundays, not the kind of god people paint as  a young male in a picture or call on in an emergency, not the little blob of a baby figure, people lay in a manger at Christmas, but a creator GOD, who made heaven and earth, who can do ANYTHING.

    Here is what I was thinking back in 1981: Dang and if there IS a real God like that, my atheistic self knew I was in trouble big time.

    God made Himself real to doubtful old me. No, He did not smack me upside the head. I realized that the BIBLE is absolute Truth, not just a bunch of boring stuff, some author randomly wrote down, because he had nothing else to do that day and wanted to think “deep” ( like Mohammed).

    When I found out the Bible is exact history, exact science, very relevant to living a good life and actually IS God’s exact WORD (Logos) I was floored.

    I had  a choice to make: Either I ignored the truth and live my life or I acknowledge the truth and DO what the Bible says to do ( become born again John 3:3 and other places). Well, I am smart enough to figure out eternity is a looooong time.  No doubt the Bible is truth. It be pretty stupid to ignore it and NOT to be born again and FOLLOW that truth. That is when I encountered God personally, who is an INCREDIBLE force of LOVE.

    That is when I encountered God personally, who is an INCREDIBLE force of LOVE.

    God is not some Sunday morning emergency brake, who sends people to hell if they do not conform. The truth is:  Almost ALL people choose to go to hell, because they are deceived by religion and have NO relationship to God whatsoever. They do not care to seek God, but just to appease God with theit good works.

    We live separated from HOLY God on this fallen planet and there is NO WAY back to God as the people lived in the garden of Eden. Only through God HIMSELF (Jesus) can we be reconciled to God once again. WE can’t get there from here, no matter HOW good we get, no matter if we never hurt (sin). For the rest of our lives forever, we are separated from PERFECT GOD.
    THAT is all our lot in life: being separated physically from perfect, holy, righteous God, who made us, because He wanted  equal partners to be friends with originally. As we can see the deal about equality went out the window, since there is NO human as perfect as God.

    Life is awesome, when you are redeemed/exchanged by God into a new life. When God lives in His children, we are overcomers, untouchable by the mess in the world.

    Why did we not die physically when we became born again? Because we are left here to heal, care, love, share! We are to be the hands and feet of God.  That is a whole lot more fun and meaningful than to go to the movies, watch TV and play video games.

    If you are interested in living life as overcomer read my blog  ” be born again



    When my life gets very tough, as it often does, having a terminal ill husband, loads of bills, cancer  and of course children give parents’ concern at times, guess what I do?!?!?
    I sit back, relax and KNOW I can thank my God, our creator, to have it all under control and everything happens for a reason and He has His purpose. I obey what He tells me to do (through the Bible, not my personal dreaming and interpretation) and wait for Him to fix it. hahaha. That is the way to go! My friends say that is why my hair is not grey at age 62, because I never worry about one thing because I walk on water living for Jesus.


    What are you waiting for? Walk with us!

    Walking on water

    Walking on water

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