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    When you first learn to do something it is almost always intimidating and overwhelming and it is  important to learn things the right way because it is much harder to “unlearn” your habits and tradition.

    Many of us learned things in school from mediocre teachers and later find out there are a much better ways to do that certain thing. Sewing, like crochet, is an art that can be fun and easy or you reject it because it was too complicated the way it was presented.

    But what REALLY gets me is when I learn something that eventually will ruin all my efforts. One such example is making knots. How often I have seen the most beautiful crochet pieces come undone just because of a simple funky knot!!!!

    In my Granny Pearl Pattern, I have addressed 5 ways to piece crochet work together and now I want to address how to make a knot that will not come undone AND will not be visible.

    Start to sew with perfect Knot


    After you thread your needle you start out finding one hole. Poke into the SAME hole to make a loop as you can see in the picture.



    Start to sew with perfect Knot

    Next you pull your thread through that loop.




    Start to sew with perfect KnotHaving pulled that loop lightly tight ( not too tight), you now move the “sling” either to the back of your work OR between the pieces.





    Start to sew with perfect Knot

    Now you can sew anyway you like. I prefer to pick up stitches like in the picture.




    Start to sew with perfect Knot

    This is how your crochet piece will butt together. You would, of course, use a matching color. Had I used a matching color I could not have made my point showing you how it works.




    Start to sew with perfect Knot

    Now you have to weave the ends in on both sides securely. Start by picking up the loop the arrow shows you. Insert your needle from the same angel as the arrow points and weave it to the opposite side into the fabric. That will make the knot almost invisible and in a million years your piece will never come undone, provided you weave your ends in for about 1 1/2 “.


    One other thing you need to understand is your sewing tension: Please do not sew too tight, else everything will pucker. Sew as loosely as you crochet to have your piece come out perfect.

    And if at all possible NEVER split the threads like going with your needle into the middle of a thread to split the fibers. That might give you unsightly places after washing.

    I actually love to join afghans with a no-sew sew braiding technique as I explained in detail in my https://www.etsy.com/listing/151514280/chevron-ripple-afghan-with-emphasis-on?ref=shop_home_active_17

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    Funny knot picture




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