• Helpful Marker Tool: Nylon Thread.


    I have found a thick nylon thread to be a most effective marker and crochet help.  Nylon is sleek and pliable. It is easily inserted into the spot to be marked and just as easily pulled out when finished, without marring the fiber of your project.

    I made a knot on one end, in case I  need to put the project aside for a while, or I have multiple spots to mark.  I pull all the way to the knot and the thread will not fall out if I transport or fumble along with it.

    Designing takes a lot of “fumbling” at times until one has it just right. If you leave the thread longer – about 1 foot, you count out rows quicker by marking them.

    Fisherman's hat


    On my fisherman fedora you can see I marked  7 spots at the same time with ONE thread


    Fisherman's Fedora







    You can gauge sections more accurate if you leave the thread in between the stitches as you work.


    Mark the beginnings of rows or rounds, which comes in handy working large tablecloths.  If you work on an Afghan or something big, you can also time management your progress by marking your daily worked section. That will encourage you to get the work done. By comparing how much you work each day you can estimate when you are done with the project.

    Hope this helps.


    I would love to know, what is your most helpful trick to work

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