• Ok, you don’t want to believe in God! That’s cool, since you have a choice!

    Don't believe in God!I always talk about God in my writing, because He gave me my pretty awesome life. Believe me, it was God who changed my life, since I was staunch atheist and there was NOTHING and NOBODY to tell me otherwise. Oh sure, I had faith! Everybody has faith in something! I had faith in myself, in my resources, in managing every situation that came my way. ALL people live by faith since we do not know our future.

    If you choose not to believe in God, our creator, or in a “perceived” god your faith has a different object, whatever it may be. We are all very sincere about our beliefs, opinions and perceptions. Often we are sincerely wrong and as life progresses we change our belief since we will see with experience that something is different than what we first believed.


    But what if  you do not want to believe in God? That is perfectly cool with God and with me because it is YOUR GOD GIVEN CHOICE! 

    You still can inform yourself, learn and grow to enjoy a happy life, right?!

    But here is a point to consider:

    Whatever a person believes is called faith. Every person believes something. All beliefes need an object, a person or circumstance. Believe is not a matter of limbo. Believing in whatever object, report, fact always requires faith.

    Man is in control of the earth (Genesis 1:28), God is involved in man’s life (Psalms 8:4-6).

    A perfect combination: Man loves the earth and it’s environment and God loves man.

    You may have looked at people and wondered what makes them “tick”. Some persons you may admire and others in your opinion are outright stupid. Maybe you do not want to believe in God because the Christians in your life have disappointed you, they are cruel, weird or otherwise messed up. May I suggest Christians are not Christ? The followers of Jesus were called Christians after Jesus was resurrected.Read about that in my blog on What is a christian?http://patternstriedandtrue.org/what-is-a-christian

    It was NOT God’s intent to make Christianity a religion. You CAN’T cannot find the God of the universe by looking at people and how they act. People will always disappoint us sooner or later because they cannot be like little gods. None of us is perfect. We all need forgiveness, every day!

    This is how God explains faith: (Matthew 7:21-23) Faith is the relationship between God and man: A relationship of trust. This is faith in God: The personal knowledge of divine love, realizing that our imitation of Jesus brings the kingdom of God to everyone.

    Faith as in “believe in a creator” is NOT a “rational” process because it believes in the unseen future with the tangible, touchable objective of God’s will.  A person cannot “feel” believe in Jesus because our feelings are unreliable, ever changing and fickle.

    If Jesus is the object of our faith, He has to live inside of us, so we can meet His realistic objectives. We cannot do that by ourselves, be generating “feelings”, work up intelligence, making our own direction. One can believe all kinds of “SyFy” or myths, yet it never will be reality or truth.

    Hence,  faith in truth is NOT rational for any human. But it is LOGICAL: Put faith in practice, things start to happen in reality, that you can not rationally explain but have logical explanations. You can find the explanation for that in the and of course science utilizes the same concept.

    (1& 2 Timothy and James 1:22) Doctrine, which is sound godly teaching, effects practical, realistic living with outline and outcome, not wishful thinking.

    If you want a successful life with no regrets, you need to fit into God’s kingdom, not necessarily in this decaying world, we live in now.

    Jesus did never justify Himself. The law is perfect. He is the fulfillment of the law, therefore perfect. I have to justify myself to have an opening in the “rulebook”, since I am not perfect. As believer, Jesus is my justification for living. Most people like to avoid that, because they think since they don’t see God, that God doesn’t see them.


    In this fast pace of the world we live in, we need to take time to evaluate our actions and motives often, because it is easy to get run over by traditions, cultural changes, subliminal messages in advertising, movies and news. The anchor in it all is the example Jesus gave us. So I urge you: reach out in faith to Him!

    Quoting Sir Winston Churchill. “If at age 20 you are a conservative, then you have no heart. If at age 30 you are a liberal then you have no brains.” Meaning: Live your life!

    Life is a process and God is not finished with none of us yet. At a young age, you sometimes lack maturity, so don’t even try to be a “fogy-stogy”. Be flexible and teachable. The more you learn, the more your brain cells get stimulated. But whatever you do: Just don’t embrace any religion!!!!

    In the USA the idea is prevalent, that, if we are “good” people in principle, intelligent and mean no harm to anyone, that should be perfectly acceptable to God: I mind my business and He minds His. After all, there are enough hypocrites anddo gooders in churches and everywhere else. And then again, what does it matter if there is one more hypocrite? Yes, you! Or do you not think it to be hypocritical to live not acknowledging God since you have no prove He does not exist?

    As I explained in the blog of  ” be born again”


    it is not good enough to be “good” since our human spirit has to connect with God’s spirit and follow God’s plan to salvation.


    When Jesus is made known, the Holy Spirit ministers to the human conscience. Being confronted, you are aware how unworthy you are in God’s presence. Most people hate that feeling and avoid it at all costs. With that awareness comes the opportunity to change. If you don’t want to respond to the change, you have the freedom to do so. In awhile you either have hardened your heart too much. You next step is to react. Most choose Anger, violence, cowardliness and fear, others choose blame, depression, self-destruction.

    OR you feel the shame and guilt of this fallen, messed up world.


    The majority of people, even saved Christians, shut out the moral and ethical messages Jesus presents, only to face unhappiness, failure, defeat, hatred, conflict, causing themselves and others heartache, never finding their full potential. The main reason they do that is, they want to hold on to their selfish nature and hurtful behavior: They know truth is right, but they resist conviction. So they flounder from one adventure that end in dissatisfaction to the other, that ends in disaster to the next, which is devastating. They keep that up long enough to make such messes, that often nobody can make heads and tails out of the situation, except God.

    If you look around you, you will see that I am right, even professed Christians are like that, because they don’t surrender to Jesus, but always have one reservation or another, one better idea or one more folly to follow.

    The devil ( oh, you don’t believe in him either?) is really good about killing convictions which lead to the truth, so you can go deep and deeper into the mess of earthly life.

    Surrender! Mark 8:34: go after Jesus, pick up your cross!

    2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture (Bible) is given for/by inspiration, learn, what works in life! But don’t worry about reading the Bible, if you don’t want God’s will for your life, since it is like reading Hieroglyphics to you- God hides His truth to religious and insincere people ( 1Cor 2:1-7)

    First thing to surrender is to see your shortcomings (sin). Find out what is going wrong in your life. Put it all in Jesus lap, or at the foot of the cross. Deny yourself, tell Jesus to have His way! How easy could that be!!! Ditch all that stuff and be free. What trouble could there be that God and you together can’t handle? Answer: None!

    Revelation  1:12-19 If Jesus has something for you to do, He will show you and it will work.

    Philippians 2:5-8 Have the mind of Christ, meet the need of others.

    Matthew 20:24-28 be a servant. Have a heart of a servant.

    John 15:10 Life more abundantly. Life cannot be lived rational, but lived out through relationships, ever moving and exciting.

    Why does God love us?

    Beat’s me! We don’t deserve it, even if we are “good” people! I can’t answer that one completely. I sure have a hard time with a lot of people, but LOVE them as an act of my will.

    Some folks think tomorrow is a better day. I got news for you: Hurts don’t go away by themselves -ever!!! There is a price to pay and the longer you wait they harder it gets to come clean, until one day it is too late!

    God is good and loves you until the day you die. Don’t count on living a long life and think about God later. Today may be your last day on earth and after this the judgement. If you don’t agree with God, you will not be in heaven, because: There is only one Heaven and it will be loving and wonderful there, where we all fit perfectly within God’s plan, like at the beginning  of creation. We will enjoy our individualities, God gave us. Heaven is no place for rebels because there are no hurts allowed and repeated. Since God cannot change, it is up US to change to be happy eternally. That is the choice God gave us and that is why no religion works.


    I understand your hurts and I will be here for you. Feel free to ask your questions.Contact me

    Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 3.54.44 AM Have an awesome day!

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