• Question: I want my patterns to be published

    Question: I want my patterns to be published and make a profit from my work. I am glad to help you  publish and sell your patterns on my website and only take a small portion for my expenses. Here are some practical guidelines for you what to do BEFORE you go public with or without me : 1.You have to emphasize for clarity and accuracy. Not every person understands the same, nor is able to follow directions. So please use universal crochet terms. 2. Write the pattern outline or design before you start working on the item.  As you execute the pattern to be very accurate and write it down RIGHT AWAY. Mistakes will make your customers upset. Writing patterns is a slow process of putting into words a step by step explanations of what you did to make the item. To back track is more complicated and at times impossible. 3. Once you have the pattern written down and the item finished, make the item once more exactly as you wrote it. You will find you need to revise and reword often- at least I always can improve on my original. Better is to have an independent friend to do it for you, since that way at least 2 people understand the pattern. 4. List the materials, the gauge, the size and finished size, the stitches used. Also list when to fasten off, eventual color changes occur, sew in threads and all eventualities such as place markers. You can publish your pattern on the internet anywhere. It will be found by people google for that item eventually. It is important to tag the item with keywords, so they CAN find it in the vast array of items. In my opinion, it is better to have many patterns grouped together. It also allows you to follow up with the customer and offer more choices later on. You will sell better by association with someone that already is selling patterns. I scrapbook all my patterns, which make them easy to read and follow. That is a lot more effort, but it makes the patterns unique and collectable, because with each pattern you give a lot of time, thought and a big part of your mentality which encourages the crocheter along the way to finish the project- at least that is my ulterior motive for my patterns.

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