• Peradventure you are looking for a new hobby

    Yesterday I was listing all the categories with different hobbies and as I was contemplating all about our recreation, interests and hobbies I came to some remarkable observation: Hobbies can be very dangerous to your health.

    Oh, not only the adventure category, where you can be carried away and harm yourself. But also the other ones, like collecting, like blogging, watching movies…… With those you have hardly ANY physical benefit.


    crochet-web (Photo credit: Bob Richmond)

    Not every hobby is versatile like crocheting, because in crochet you use your physical skill ( mostly your shoulders arms and hands, and if you do craft shows you lug your heavy set up around), your mental abilities ( especially if you are designing), it is healthy (you don’t get to eat much at all doing it, since you have both hands busy and your head full of planing hahaha)

    But serious: Would it not be so much better to have ONE hobby from EACH of  those categories at once. That way your get the total benefit from all your leisure time to be conducive to your spiritual, mental and physical well being and not just “spend” your time ” relaxing” for no reason. Life is short! We have to make the most out of it. I am fortunate that my life IS my hobby.