• Question: How would I know if I can do the pattern or not?

    Question: How would I know if I can do the pattern or not? 

    How do pattern makers determine beginner, intermediate and advanced?

    How would I know if I can do the pattern or not?  Is there a way to figure out, what “stage” of crocheter I am  according to their  categories and discription?

    The differentiation a pattern maker comes up with is generally defined in 3 levels:


    2. Intermediate

    3. Advanced

    Beginner needs to know only the basic stitches of ch, sc, dc,  and maybe hdc and tc.
    Intermediate level  will use all the basics but maybe some color changes or stitch combinations. It might mean you work from a graph or with one brackets, where a combination of stitches is explained.

    Advanced level are complex patterns with many steps to accomplish the final result. You might have square brackets within round brackets with stitch combinations. You might work in layers of crochet or with double pointed crochet hooks.


    So why do my patterns do not stress the “level” of skill, the category of beginners, intermediate, and advanced?

    Because when you buy my patterns you will have links to tutorial, detailed pictures of how to make it and a detailed description. So if you are a beginner you have every available help linked to learn what you need to know about this project. If you are an advanced crocheter you just skip what you already know and get on with the process.









    Don’t be concerned: To advance in crochet it only takes practice. There are only actually 4 basic stitches you have to learn.

    Millions of possibilities to use those few and you can do them ALL.

    Have fun being creatitve.

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