• 6 reasons why people buy patterns, instead of using free ones.

    Why buy, when you can have it for free?

    Making crochet patterns and turning it into a business in Feb 2013 has been a great growing process: for me personal and the pattern business. I meet a lot of cool people, who are very frugal, inventive, eco friendly and informed just like me.

    Which makes me wonder: Why would  people BUY my/ other designers patterns, when they can have a whole slew of patterns for free????

    Is it just the design that they like? Is it the colors chosen? What makes them BUY instead of GET?

    I made a survey  and have gotten some really good ones back, which shed light on that fact.

    1. People BUY patterns because the exchange of money for an item appeals to them and the realize the uniqueness of the item they purchase, instead of getting something for free, which anybody can make.

    2. People buy patterns, because they are attracted to the design and NEVER seen anything like it before.

    3. People buy patterns, because they like the designer, know the designer and hence know what value they get for their money.

    4. They will buy a pattern, when they are sure there is someone, who will give them a hand, if they are stuck.

    5. People love to be associated with the designer of the pattern. That makes them buy, since they know the person behind the product.

    6. Good patterns- and you would assume they are good, when you pay good money for it- save you a lot of time with trial and error.

    The few customers I had so far  ( I just started 2 month ago) have not tried my patterns from start to finish, but this is what they will get:

    A pattern that is attractive scrapbooked, which gives you “landmarks” to follow in text , so you can easily find you place. May there be placed a ribbon or an ornament, which serves as a mental note.

    The text is clear and you just have to push your computer or tablet screen up and hold the place where you left off, so you will not always have to ” re-capture” your spot, like “mmmh were was I “. On the computer it is easy to hold you space , since you just scroll to the next line/row and you are right there where you started from,  instead in the old days whee you wondered if your ruler shifted .

    My pattern have plenty of explanatory pictures that gives you an insight into all the “tricky” steps.

    I added video tutorials, so stitches are explained, even if you never made them before. There are hyperlinks throughout to give you connections to the internet helps that are available, either articles, pictures or little tidbits about the process or origin.

    You can make a collection of crochet patterns by putting them on the thumb-drive, so they will not take up computer space, or you can burn them on disks to store, if you like to repeat them later.

    All my patterns are tested at least twice and  make the project just as it shows in the pictures. You can either e-mail , me or get me here n my website, if you need additional help.

    That is why I believe my business will have a place in a market of FREE.

    What do you think? Please let me know. I love to hear from you.

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