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    iusa_75x75.27039818_i3a3Today I am Interviewing with Schuyler Ellers from Lord and Schmitt, a unique clothing boutique, who recently made international headlines with their uniques crochet shorts.

    You can read my article from January 24.2015 here:



    His website is:  www.lordvonschmitt.com

    Or look at their creation on Instagram: lordvonschmitt

    But defiantly follow their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lvschmitt


    Tell me, when did you first get the idea to make clothing they way you do:

    When I first learned to knit in Barcelona, Spain I created hats and headgear using wool, sticks, pine needles, etc.!!  I wanted to create something different from what I saw as “typical” knit or crochet.  I began to join knit pieces to pre-existing garments with my sewing machine and found that knit textiles are versatile and easily joined together.  I started seeing afghan blankets in local thrift stores and started to wonder if they could be joined in the same method.  This allowed me to recycle vintage crochets without having to undertake the wonderful, but time-consuming process of creating a hand knit textile myself!!!


    What other things do you create


    I create collages out of magazine clippings that echo my surrealist tendencies.  I love to travel and take slide photographs, playing with ideas like multiple exposures.  I create floating sculptures out of junk that glide gracefully on the surface of my pond.


    What  do you call your style? ( it certainly is not traditional or punk)

    I would characterize my style as “funky” or “outrageous.”  It’s a twist of grandmotherly love with extreme visual vibrance.  It’s ironic and humorous.  I call it “schmitt.”


    How would you describe your work day?

    I head out to thrift stores and scour the racks for interesting garments and of course

    www.lordvonschmitt.com  vintage afghan blankets.  I take them to my “art barn” (a repurposed livestock shelter)  and fill orders or just play around.  I waste lots of time staring at the vibrant nature in and around Nevada City, California.



    What is the best compliment youve ever gotten about your work?

    www.lordvonschmitt.com One day I was selling my pants in an open market and a lady came up and said.  “Oh my god.  Those are the most hideous pants I have ever seen in my life!!!”  Proudly I said, “Thank you.  I made them myself.”



    What usually inspires you to start creating something new?

    I get 10,000 ideas every day. Some I follow through with, many I choose to let go.  I don’t know where they come from.  Nature, thrift stores, vintage garments and amazing local artists are my inspiration.  I rarely pay attention to contemporary media or fashion trends, but I do check out the crowd and see what people are wearing.  One idea will always lead to another.

    What is the number one tip that has worked for you to be successful:

    A friend who owns a successful sock company told me..”Just keep doing what you’re doing.”  That seems to have worked out great for me!!



    What is something youd still like to learn (a skill, a topic) with regards to your creative entrepreneurship?

    Am still trying to make a fabulous macrame plant holder!!!  That’s like, my dream…


    What kind of marketing are you currently doing for your creative business? Is it working out?

    I am not an expert in marketing, I just create because I believe in the weird ideas that flow from my brain.  Most of my listings have been up for several years before the market took note.  Catchy photography is huge part of it.      


    Who is your favorite artist? What do you like about him/her?

    I just love filmmaker John Waters and his protege, Divine.  Those two set the global standard for bad taste!!!

    www.lordvonschmitt.com That concludes the interview, but I think we all would like to hear and see  more Schuyler and his art.



    Please, either contact Schuyler or me and let us know what you think



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