• Question: Where can I sell crochet items?

    I am often asked, where one can sell crochet items.

    Many people sell their items at bazaars, craft shows, but also at flea markets and garage sales. I wrote about 5 blogs about what you need to know  before you start selling at craft shows or public events: http://patternstriedandtrue.org/how-to-pursue-with-your-art-business-part-1/

    If you always match what you offer to the desires of the customers and you will be in great shape. For instance: approach a group of sports fans and crochet something with their sports logo. You have to change it a little bit as to not violate copyrights or having to pay royalty fees. Another idea is to offer your talent for sale in Mom’s groups, church gatherings, senior centers, civic groups like the Lions Club, Rotary club. Ask them to buy the item and raffle it off as a fundraiser for the group.

    You also can sell your items online. In my estimation Etsy.com is the best market. But there are also many other outlets:








    and so many others. All online stores you have to promote.  Just listing your products is not going to work, since nobody will know you are out there. So wherever you list your art, you have to  Facebook, pin, tumble, tweet your heart out so others can find what you sell.

    I am also very happy to promote you with all I am doing, though I just started last year and still feel my way around. Yet I sell very good in my estimation according to my expectation. Yes, it would be nice to be a millionaire after the first year in business, but that is a little too unrealistic.

    I can:

    A feature you in my ” merchant of the week”, provided it is crochet related (free)

    Have you on my slider as featured merchant (small monthly fee)

    Scrapbook your pattern to make it easy to read and follow.

    Sell it on my website (free, but % of the sale)

     Let me know, how I can help.


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