• The Blood of Jesus. Why Blood?


    Andrew Murray has written an excellent book: The power of the blood of Jesus. It tells all that the Bible says about the blood of Jesus: redemption, reconciliation, cleansing, sanctification, entering the presence of God, victory and heavenly joy through the blood. I do not need to repeat any theological text, but I would like to point out, the heart of God and to show you, how intelligent God is, since as creator He knows His science well of course. It is people and their religions, who have their doubts and often criticize.


    Ephesians 1:7 In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace;
    Hebrews 9:22 And almost all things are by the law purged with blood, and without shedding of blood is no remission of sin.

    …...and many other places in the Bible, where God explains.

    Why is the blood of Jesus so important? Why did God want blood, not grass, money or protein or any other substance?

    A death is required to connect us again (reconcile) with God, because He is holy and we are not. Obviously we can see there is NO loving God anywhere here on earth with all the stuff going on like famine, earthquakes, disease, and disaster….

    Jesus died for our sin and His blood is applied, so we can have a relationship with God again as it was before the fall of humanity in the Garden of Eden. Here on earth it will not be not quiet as it was before the fall, but after we die it will be even better because we have made the bad experiences, having had our own way living in this hurting world.
    Why blood?
    Blood is a very special fluid and if we analyze it, it has many parallels in the spiritual realm:
    1. Blood belongs in the body. It does not do any good anywhere else. It  has any other effect for us outside the body.
    Spiritual implication: it has to be applied, internalized.

    2. The blood is contained in blood vessels, which will never let the blood go anywhere else.
    Spiritual connotation: There is no blood outside of God’s plan. In other words, if we are out of God’s will, the blood of Jesus does not apply.

    3. Blood transports nutrient and waste product to the appropriate places, to and from cells.
    In the spiritual sense: the blood of Jesus nourishes us and discards what we don’t need, replenish good things we do need.
    4. Blood (specifically red blood cells) transports the oxygen we breathe in, so the body can live and function. We cannot live without oxygen.
    Spiritually: we have no real life apart from Christ.

    5. Blood platelet cells close the wound to shield the bloodstream from more disease.
    Spiritually: The blood of Jesus does the same thing for us. He is like a hedge around us.

    6. White blood heals infections and dies in the process.
    Spiritually: Jesus did the same thing for us. He healed us from our sin.

    7. Blood has many components, each with a certain function and purpose.
    So does Jesus’ blood: it can be applied to everybody, in every situation.
    Blood is mostly water.
    Spiritually: water refers to the Holy Spirit who is one with Jesus and the guiding force behind the flow of love and truth.

    8. “Living” blood is bright red, because of the oxygen it carries.
    Spiritually: Jesus is more radiant than anything else.
    9. Blood is produced in the bone marrow of the body (inward parts).
    Think of it spiritually: the thought of redemption was born with the heart of God.
    Useless and depleted blood cells are discarded and expelled through kidney and bowls.
    Spiritual connotation: If we don’t have a use for the plan of God in our lives, we will be separated from God forever.
    10. Blood stains permanently.
    Spiritual aspect: once you are saved, you are always saved. There is no retraction with God.

    11.We cannot live without blood.
    Spiritually: we cannot live without Jesus.

    12. The blood vessels channel the pumped the blood, bring an action.
    Spiritually: we need to show fruit, once the blood is applied.

    13. Blood is not transparent. You cannot see through it.
    Spiritually speaking when God looks at you, He sees only the blood of Jesus, and not our sin.

    14. Blood is liquid and can go anywhere within the blood vessels without obstructions.
    Spiritually: Jesus flows, never to force himself on anyone, nor have there ever a place where He cannot go.

    15. If you ever had a blood clot, you know how painful that is. The obstruction hurts bad.
    Spiritually: when we are out of fellowship with God, it is a painful obstruction in our walk

    Finally: Blood connects us to each other. The expression blood is thicker than water indicates family ties. The family ( trinity= Father ( male) Mother ( female) children ( conceived in holy union)) is the most godlike example for human support and heritage. More on that in the chapter on marriage.
    A spiritual example is the church ( the body of believers, children of God, who are redeemed from the curse of sin and death).
    What I need you to see is this: God knows what He is talking about. He has every detail of your life planned out and knows every cell of your body long before science caught up with all kinds of facts and discoveries. He has a certain plan for your life and if you seek Him, you will find. Proverbs8:17. Don’t let anyone tell you stuff and run with it, without comparing the “new discovery” with God’s Word. Most people don’t. Human’s can never be smarter than “their” god ( compare religions, all fall short). The creature will never surpass its maker.
    I also encourage you to learn about your environment. Not like what is taught in American schools. Your environment is your body, what you eat, what elements you use every day, how these elements affect your body and living space.

    Don’t hang on to traditions, if they don’t gel with you. Engage your brain to think and evaluate: accept, internalize  what is congruent with God’s word and discard and reject what is not. Do that on a daily basis with the concepts that present themselves each day.

    In other words: Be alive and be in charge of your life as you peruse God. That is what it means to be a Follower of Jesus (biblical Christian), not this weird middle class American lifestyle to go to school, go to work, live for free time on the weekends and an annual vacation, play video games and sports until it gets to be idolatry. Am I critical? No, I am alive and if I die today, I have lived more life, experienced more things, learned more skills, informed myself about more facts, than any other person I know. I am very content, but not complacent. I gladly leave everything behind at a drop of a hat, if Jesus says so. Am I a fanatic? No, because I know Jesus holds my future and He will never allow anything to happen that is not good for me, because I am covered with His blood and my sin is forgiven, just as the Bible says.

    So how about you? Are you continuing to live like you have been or are you wanting to seek God, our creator?

    Here is what you have to do to find Him: http://patternstriedandtrue.org/be-born-again

    Be born again!

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