• The joy of my life!

    In our family we all like to make gifts, instead of buying them. To us it is a lot of fun to contemplate what the other person might like. We try to make something the other person is really “into”.

    In the past we came up with the goofyies things:

    Great-grandfather, who absolutely doesn’t need a thing and has hardly any hobbies we made one time a statue of the daily lottery numbers- painted his numbers on tennis balls and set them in Plaster of Paris.

    My son composed me a song, which he played on the guitar with eyes rolling and contortions. We laughed until the tears came. No, he was not discovered by American Idol.

    Grandfather only ever wants 2 front teeth for Christmas, so one time we gave him 2.

    But for the grandchildren we always like to be more thoughtful than funny.

    It is a good thing one can crochet anything:

    This year we were able to delight my grandson Kevin, who loves his dog above all with a crochet replica:Apple


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