• This weeks theme: Hobbies

    It is very interesting to me, how people choose their hobbies.

    Living in USA it seems there are very few people, who have “distinct” hobbies. Seems to me we live in a prototype world, where people love what the majorities does: baseball, football, movies and that is it. I wonder why it is that way??

    It also is obvious that if a parent has a certain hobby, the children will get interested in it also and pursue the same things.

    Are we creatures of habit? Are we not very original? Are we indoctrinated in our behavior?

    I wonder what makes a person decide which hobby to pursue? Is it their talents, predisposition, their “bent”? Is it that they feel time spend a certain way will make them happy? Or are they looking for accolades, satisfaction and feedback? May be they just want to take their mind of things?

    Who could figure it out?

    I really can’t relate well , because  my whole life is my hobby.  I can’t think back much of the time before I met Jesus and lived as an atheist. All I remember was I had fun, but my life was more “compartmentalized”: I had vacations at certain times, I lived for the weekends. My hobbies were “weird” to say the least, but I always DID something with my hands. I loved decorate my apartments where I lived to wake up to some WOW- unusual and off the wall stuff, nobody would suspect in an apartment. One time I had a friend , who put his motorcycle in my living room. I decorated the living room with tire tracks all over the walls in different directions. I have become more selective since.

    I guess my husband became my hobby, then our the children. My family was my hobby for a long time: homeschooled, integrated business and pleasure into their lives. Now my children do the same thing with their children and I  am free to find new hobbies.

    Some people like to collect things as a hobby. I can’t relate to that either, since I travel light through this world and all I collect is dust on my furniture and memories.

    In my opinion music is a cool hobby to have. Though I can sing or play anything besides the radio. But music keeps me happy as I work on stuff I create though I listen to the Bible while I do that also.One of our neighbor’s  hobby is mountain climbing. Too  strenuous for me. I like something relaxing.

    That is the wonderful thing: We all are different and our hobbies should be just as diverse. What is fun for you, might not be fun for me and vise versa, yet we all have so much potential to make our life count and use our hobbies to become happy and fulfilled. I believe that is the key with EVERY hobby: Does it help you to be fulfilled, is it healthy and beneficial to others also. If it is not shared with someone, no hobby is fun in the long run. If it is not healthy we do not benefit and if it is not fulfilling it is not worth doing – why bother doing it?

    I sure like to hear from you and your hobbies: