• Top 10 areas of human life

    If we want to get a grip we need to understand which are the most areas where goal setting is appropriate. That is why I defined the top 10 areas  to concern ourselves with:

    1. Personal health: body, soul and spirit

    2. Immediate family: parents (if single), husband/wife, children

    3. Relationships: extended family, friends, coworkers

    4. Environment: home, recreation, work

    5. Hospitality: investing in other people, caring, volunteering

    6. Accountability: responsibility, discipline

    7. Provision: finances, assets, investments

    8. Cultivation: meeting needs, being secure, being accepted

    9. Productivity: service, engagement, usability

    10. Preparation: understanding the temporary state of our existence on earth.

    We are not expected to live in this complex world without guidance. I always get a chuckle out of modern science, especially Psychology, who “discovers” how people “tick”. I was watching some of Robbins clips on how he shocks people into “behaving” and getting a grip. Had they read their Bible, they would have not gotten into their predicaments in the first place. Each person has the same needs. It is not a secret how humanity works: ALL of us are separated from God our creator. That is why we have so many needs: We need love, we need to be secure, we need to be significant.

    Religion with all its obligations cannot meet that need. Only God can bring you to the point when you get the perspective on EVERY area of your life. And since God is not going to push, prod and badger you, because He is very much a gentleman. It is up to YOU to SEEK Him, spend time with Him, listen to what HE has to say. God is not your boss, He is your creator. You are your own boss and have the freedom to choose how to live your life. Whom Jesus sets free shall be free indeed. God’s principles work, ours is limited by our knowledge. God wants to be our heavenly father, which means like an earthly father cares, loves and provides for his children, so God will take care of us. BUT as with an earthly father we have to live in the father’s house and obey the father’s rules, so the father can show the children the way to go. If we remove ourselves from God and His good laws, we hurt. It is that simple. This has nothing to do with religion. Religion dictates everything what is good and acceptable according to what the Imam, the Priest or whoever they are want to get out of people. God, our creator, is not like that. God is NOT a Christian, nor does He prefer Christians over other people He created.

    All areas of life are in balance if we live in the presence of God and have a relationship with Him. Having a relationship means one RELATES, INTERACTS, BELONGS.


    I hope this helps you in balancing your life as you can evaluate the different areas of your life. Let me know, how you are doing: Contact me


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