• Crochet Toys And Doll Part 1


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    This week I will be writing on how to make toys and dolls.

    Crochet toys and especially dolls can be tailor made to give a loved one.  Children love the cuddle soft sculptures, especially when they have  a resemblance with themselves. The creator can choose eye and hair color, features just right for the little person.

    There is wisdom in making these special gifts child save, especially for the little ones.

    Faces are most appealing, but also can be hazardous, if one attach something that can be pulled or chewed off, such as commercial eyes, buttons,or appliquéd decorations. best thing is NEVER to attach anything to a toy and fashion each as one piece for smaller children. Remember the rag dolls of our ancestors? If in doubt paint a face on.

    If you want to use glue before you sew something on, that is great, but please securely sew it on afterwards. Also use carpet thread instead of sewing thread. Chenille stems or pipe-cleaners are not recommended for small children, because their sharp points can poke through the fabric and scratch sharply.

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    Dolls can be converted into rattles for babies, but always make sure that the parts stay safely on the inside. You can do that by putting beans or corn in a small plastic or metal container and hide it in the stuffing. A very cool idea is to put a mini MP3 player in the toy , like with a special message from the grandma, who made it. Those are inexpensively obtained nowadays and can add much delight to the child.

    A fun thing to do is make the clothing for the doll from the same fabric the child’s clothes is made of, but again, make sure all the velcro or buttons are sewed on tightly, even on the clothing.

    When I make dolls, I embroider the eyes directly on the crochet fabric. It is easier when you make yourself a template with felt first and than embroider over top of that.

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    Also make sure you use yarn or material that is washed easily, because toys do get soiled and need care.

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