• Trending Design?! Yes or No


    Designing and creating  is ALWAYS good! Period!

    Just think with me  for a minute:

    If we would have no creation, there would be nothing at all. If creation would not have a design all we would have is chaos.

    Good design brings out the natural beauty and function, optimum integration of the object while

    poor design gives you experience, might lead to disastrous consequences ( only if you build  bridges) and  causes criticism.

    Even though I am not a fashion freak I will take the liberty to talk a little bit.

    In fashion culture and social life is of utter importance designers have to be really on top of things, because they have to anticipate what people would want, how they want to wear it in the near future. They have to anticipate the change in taste, the climate, the color preferences and manage the perfect time to bring their creation to the market

    It also matters if you want to appeal to the masses for everyday wear or want to cater to eccentrics on special occasions.

    Being a crochet designer you also have to anticipate the time involved making the creation, since there are no machines invented to my knowledge that can crochet garments. So will you be able to meet the demand?! Seems to me I often bet on the wrong horse  and make something that just is not wanted by any consumer, meaning often the world is not ready for such a creation.

    Culture as a whole is getting better at being  selective,  not so  critical of design and embraces more of the let’s say:  “unusual hoté couture”.

    Sometimes it only takes a repurposing to fit the fashion trend as you see Westknits have done:





    This is definite  revamping  and repurposing to have your man clothed in extremely intricate classic pattern.





    What is a man to do, who has a long way to ride on a subway every day? Reading the paper being played for a fool by the media, stare holes into space


    cloth himself uniquely homemade?  What a great way to spend your time meeting your own needs while being set apart from the crowd.












     You kind of have to watch the gauge somewhat when you make things because you might want to maintain individuality and not make ONE garment for the whole family:10606190_846970451989926_90580329919283987_n









    Some designs have infinite purpose:










    though not obvious to the naked eye. Your guess for purpose is as good as mine

    Lord van Schnitt











    10898301_333369603531088_7844008493889025694_nWhat would be more appetizing than this female Cheeseburger  crochet outfit. I just can see the jealousy in the eyes of other MacDonald customers.

    You can order at  LaMaisonBisoux. wordpress.com





    With any fashion, it is often also just a matter WHO wears the creation first. Movie stars are great advertisers for a unique style because if well-known persons look good in it EVERYBODY needs to have one of those. Unisex is great because once you find ail_170x135.653462534_kyef great design it will fit both: male and female, so you                     reach a larger market.



    10712737_299136900287692_3930459595508043229_nDesign can tremendously enhance your physique and makes a real manly looking man out of you. Showing up in a bar like this, I am sure nobody will want to mess with you.









    On the other hand:

    Design might be the cause you are mistaken for your grandmother. Or some people may get the impression you could not part with your bedcovers.






    Crochet as under garments is a neat idea as long as your wool does not scratch. That will certainly make  for an antsy day. It is very nice you can choose the colors. I would prefer variegated yarn.






    il_170x135.668778128_5mpzWith the right color combination you will definitely set yourself apart and never blend into the woodwork.

    That is a very important cultural statement in the western hemisphere were every Dick, Joe, and Harry tattoos and pierced themselves the same way.


    Lord and Schmitt design have been making an impact since 2010. They sell their creation in their Etsy shop and have very satisfied customers. Of course, you find crackpots everywhere, who have to say something negative. I have that happen on my facebook page: They don’t know you from Adam, have no success rate in their life whatsoever, but love to leave bad feedback and criticism all over the internet for no other reason you do not agree with their taste or opinion.

    The shorts for men at Lord and Schmitt

    are making a great impact by being shared on Facebook and Twitter: As you can see there are many styles to choose from. Surely there is one, that fits your honey.






    Sexy shorts





    On my banner, the feature image and here are some more of their popular crochet designs for men and women, which should be equally given attention by sharing over the social networks:











    Schulyer Ellers from Lord von  Schmitt will be glad to help you with a custom order  which will be uniquely yours at very reasonable prices:

    Face book:facebook.com/lvschmitt)

    Instagram: lordvonschmitt

    website www.lordvonschmitt.com


    Click here  for the interview with Schuyler Ellers from Lord von Schmitt:


    More shorts with perfect fit:

    crochet shorts






    Now sometimes you will not have the desired response for  creative genius since even the happiest and funniest design  like this cute deer on a sweater will not change the sour expression on faces.





    But look at it this way: There is always room in our world for ingenuity, originality and wholesomeness.


    It is really is all about embracing, loving and making people happy with colorful creation not know to mankind before.


    We are never closer to our creator then when we imitate Him by creating something good, regardless what it is.

    Let me know what you think and also let me know if you find the rest links for the pictures I used in this article, so I can give credit where credit is due: beatesmock@gmail.com


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